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Domina likes to make things at home. If you want to send money, she'll make any of this stuff for you. But she likes to think of all of you as being capable of the easy stuff. Here are a few of her home projects AND those of others who have sent me their ideas. More will be added from time to time.

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Sartan's Working With Leather This is the best make your own toys site on the web, bar NONE. You should read this page before you do any of the projects on my or any other page. Directions for:
Locking Restraints
Arm Binder
Buckling Restraints
Bondage Belt
Basic Floggers
The Strap
Serpentine Collar
Hanging Strap Cage
Hanging Sling
Sitting Sling
Screw the Roses Blindfold
Goggles Blindfold
Plus a list of tools, glues and materials and suppliers. This gentleman has done it all for you but actually MAKE the toy.

Get advice from Domina on filling a toy bag, using toys, or other BDSM topics.

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Looking At Shopping In a New Light

Pet stores carry lots of interesting items that can be used in even more interesting ways if you have an imagination. I found a lovely assortment of feathers attached to thin nylon rods in the cat toy section for less than $3.50 each. The rods can be used as canes, while the feathers are great little sensuality devices. Sort of a multipurpose toy. Look for them. I've seen them in adult stores for $9.99. Which would you rather pay? And pet stores have some VERY nice collars which are incredibly cheaper than anything you'll buy in a kink store.

Under clips and clamps, I give the particulars of shopping in an office supply store. There is also the domestic department of any and all department stores. All types of odd little items can be used in D/s play that have perfectly ordinary uses. It just takes being open minded and creative while walking through these places. A friend uses a small, wooden, bread paddle as a spanking implement, while I love the variety of paddles available in sporting good stores. One item that can be a great little sensuality toy is a feather duster or a lambs wool duster, usually available for less than ten dollars each in the domestic department of a department store. Another fun thing that makes a first class paddle is a rattan rug beater. Feynman just found them for about ten dollars at a local variety store. If we can locate the manufacturer, we'll be adding this to our frugal buys. Not only are these a great toy, they have high "deniability," always a good idea if you have nosy relatives and neighbors. (My neighbor just walked, unannounced, into my back yard and caught me spray painting with black paint, a selection of sporting goods paddles that I was recycling into toys. Trust me, this is NOT easy to explain.)

MsJudith from SF came to a slumber party in 1997 with a whole collection of nifty little items. She had cute little clips with weights attached that looked like strawberries.....they are for holding down tablecloths on picnics. But they are very decorative to hang from a sub.  She also had a retractable pickle puller which is a very cute little item that works like those cherry picker nipple clamps that cost so much in the kink shops. (Feynman's suggestion is to coat the ends with tool dip. It's a bit on the sharp side, but OH, so effective) Another cute idea is to get paddles in toy stores. You can sometimes get a whole set of paddles for under ten dollars and even have a ball for your pet. And we had a fun time decorating submissive pink parts with those elastic pony tail holders with the plastic balls on each end. Chopsticks are another cheap but effective little percussive toy. Thanks, Judy!

Biliotaph just emailed me and said, "My best value for money innocent buy; a cheap plastic fly swatter and my friend hates it..hee heee."

Another item you might want to look at in sporting good stores are the bags and tubes available for carrying guns or fishing rods or guns on sporting trips. They are ideal for transporting canes and other items that are long, thin and a bit delicate. Another way to carry your canes is to get a length of PVC drain pipe which even comes in black, have one end threaded, and glue an end cap on the other end. You can attach a leather or canvas carry strap to make transportation easier.

Hardware stores are a treasure trove of items that can be used as toys, some perhaps requiring a bit of alteration, but most being usable, as is. Take time to look around when you are out shopping for home improvement items. Ropes, chains, clamps, quick release snaps, and all sorts of hardware are very reasonably priced in most regular hardware or home improvement shops. Quick release snaps are one thing that you really need if you are doing any sort of bondage that is more than tying someone down to a bed. These snaps can be released while bearing weight which can be important if your sub/bottom faints in bondage and you need to get him/her down quickly. These snaps are up to $12 each in kinky stores, but run less than $5 each in most hardware stores. Remember, kink is a big profit business because they are catering to a specialized group. There is no need to pay high prices for common items. The smart thing to do is to reserve your money for things that you can't buy at a discount. I always look first at whether something is an item that can be purchased in a non kinky store. Then I decide if I can make the item. Only if the answer to these questions is "No" do I buy it. Of course, if you WANT to spend money, or you don't have the time, then buying it is perfectly okay.

"I am a BIG fan of perverting kitchen items. Some of my favorites that I use that I did not see on your web page include: wooden skewers and metal meat tenderizers. The skewers are great for scratching and flicking like drum sticks. They leave a nice sting that can often be felt the next day when used on warm skin. The metal meat tenderizers may be used lightly as a good thuddy warm up, CBT (carefully!) or the cold metal is good for sensation. The metal handle is great to use to run around the body as well as the textured pads of the tenderizer. Hope you enjoy my ideas... I know I do."
Lady Ravyn

Gipsy (male Dom) suggest wooden paint stirrers which a lot of hardware stores give out for free. With a bit of sanding, they make a fun paddle.

Vallkyrie gave us these ideas:
Cockrings - Home Depot/Lowes have a great collection of both metal and rubber O-rings at a considerably lower price. A particular favorite is placing several rubber O-rings along the shaft of the penis. The thinner rings are easier to "stretch" for removal if they become too tight during the peak of arousal. Metal O-rings need to be checked for smoothness. Paint-stirrer paddles - To improve on the technique listed on your web page, take 2 stirrers. Wrap a rubber band around the handle of one of them, then place the 2 together and wrap with a rubber band on the short end of the stirrers. The inside rubber band separates the 2 stirrers and causes a percussive sound when used.

Home Depot recently had five gallon paint stirrers for free that make super long, thin paddles with just a bit of sanding and a light coat of stain. I had Feynman put a series of holes into one to give it a different heft.

A gentleman who prefers to remain nameless sent this little tip: I just came home from Christmas shopping. In a surf shop, I noticed several items with names like "Shock Wave" and "Rip Cord", these devices were designed for the sole purpose of keeping your surfboard attached to either an arm or a leg, without causing harm to that particular appendage, even in the violent thrashing of a really good wave. Imagine the research that went into the development of this product, now imagine using these devices for bondage. Well-padded wrist and/or ankle restraints attached to a 6-10 ft piece of 5/16in shock cord...for the low price of about $26.00. Everyone said surfing was cool, but now I REALLY understand !

From Kat: I was at a 50% off the notions wall at JoAnn's Fabric & Crafts recently and discovered something yummy on the wall. There is an item called a "bird & clamp" which contains a c-clamp that is plastic coated and a clover clamp with rubber tips...the price was $ 50% off that made it $3.50. I bought three. They are intended to provide a 'third hand' for those who sew by attaching the c-clamp to a table, attaching the 'bird' (clover clamp) to the c-clamp and then having the 'bird' hold your fabric or craft item. I've told a number of people about these and several of them went racing to the store. Later, one of the folks who purchased several actually used one of them for it's intended purpose to hold the strands he was braiding for a rope flogger! We've also found that the Tupperware cake decorators (look like handleless spatulas with odd curves, grooves & protrusions) work very well for wax removal. Well, I really must run along...I need to make some more beaded floggers (Hancock's had beads by the foot on sale last week!).

Lady Kate of Lancaster had these ideas:

The bungee-jump rope floggers are a breeze to make.  Visit your local dollar store, or a discount store if you must, and purchase the longest bungee cord you can get plus one cheep jump rope.  First, cut the hooks off the bungee and save them for later.  Then, separate the handles from the "rope" portion of the jump rope.  Begin trimming, cutting, unraveling, or whatever on one end of the bungee cord; when you have enough rubber exposed, cut it and attach to one of the jump rope handles.  Resume removing the sheathing on the bungee cord until you again have enough (perhaps a different length) then cut and attach to the second handle.  If there is any bungee cord left, remove the sheathing until there is only one hand's width left; and cover the still-sheathed portion with either duct tape or electrical tape.  You now have two or three bungee floggers of varying lengths. 

But don't forget about the bungee hooks and the "rope."  Attach one hook to one end of the "rope" (regardless of what the material is) and the second hook to the other.  You now have an instant bondage anchor when placed around a closed door or under a chair.

Another trip to the dollar store may yield a latex-coated foam ball, a pair of shoe laces, and a BBQ skewer.  Heat the skewer over a gas stove or BBQ grill and steady the ball in a "vice."  Once the skewer is hot, begin inserting it into the ball, twisting as you go; reheat as needed until the skewer is all the way through and the hole is wide enough.  Allow both the skewer and ball to cool completely.  Then, use the skewer to force both shoelaces through and center them through the ball.  You now have a ball gag that can be tied both above and below the ears for extra security.

At your favorite fabric store, don't over look the scrap leather or fabric bins.  Small and/or irregular pieces of leather or fabric can be laid over a prone sub's body.  Then, bring out the ice cubes, the floggers, the whips, etc.  Using these implements over both bare and covered skin can yield an interesting sensation combination.

An isolation closet may be more realizable than you think--and in your guest bedroom too.  First, you may have to remove existing closet hardware.  Go ahead and keep the matching baseboard from the room going inside the closet.  Then over the baseboard, install a plank to use as a shoe shelf; don't secure it, just have it rest on the top of the baseboard and a series of eye-screws.  When you remove the shoe shelf, you have anchor points for feet.  About hip height, you may want to install side shelves suitable for purses or the like; run wrap around furring strips on the front walls, the side walls, and the portions of the back wall directly behind the front walls; add one eye-screw on each side in addition to standard screws, then cover with short planks.  Remove the purse shelves to expose waiting anchor points.  Slightly below your standard closet rod height, add flat boards all the way around; have standard coat hooks on the back wall, cleats (those double hook things

Want the ultimate bondage bed, but your playroom doubles as a guest room or even your own bedroom that gets invaded by your kids?  Make your own dreams come true.  This may be more extravagant or labor intensive than some ideas here; but you'll be making a bed worth more than $1,000 for a couple of hundred. You can start with an existing four-poster bedframe and adapt it, or do it all from scratch.  You'll need 4" x 4" deck posts,  some 1" x 6" planks, T-brackets (again with decking supplies), paintable plywood (or whatever alternative is in your budget and style), 4 closet rods, and 4 sets of closet rod brackets.  Figure out your dimensions based on the size of your mattress and the scale of your room, then make allowances for the size of the wood (remember that modern lumber is planed and therefore smaller than the stated dimensions), then cut.  Paint or stain everything to fit with the decor; this is just a first coat, you'll finish later and don't forget

Also, I know the frayed rope flogger has already been included, but here's an interesting variation.  Use parachute cording.  It's incredibly strong and incredibly soft; both because its made of pure silk.  It can be found in some fabric warehouses or military surplus stores.

Another use for parachute cording, or almost any rope really, is a rope cuff.  Take a length of rope, at least 3' long.  6" in, make a 180 degree bend and set it so that the bend is between the thumb and index finger of the sub and the loose and long ends of the rope are over their wrist.  Take the long end of the rope, wrap once around the loose end and then wrap around the wrist (so that loose end is included) two to three times above the turn around the loose end; then wrap back one to three times below the turn around the loose end.  Feed the loose end through the loop and pull.  For extra security, tie the remainder of the long end around the loose end.  Then, tie the loose end to any anchor or lead.  Repeat as desired around other joints (opposite wrist, the ankles, the knees, etc.--but never the neck); and, as with any other type of cuff, don't make it so tight as to cut off circulation. 

Kay from AOL, property of MasterWing sends us:
I was browsing the wonderful web site, and when I saw the tips on making spreader bars.. I wanted to let you know the idea my Master used. He bought wooden spindles (like those used on porch railings) for under $4 each. They come in many shapes, and are ready to paint or stain (as we did) They come in 3ft lengths.. and vary on width. Master bought the 2"x2", then drilled the ends, added screw in eye bolts for attaching chains, tethers etc. The pair cost a total of under $10 as we used stain and polyurethane left over from refinishing our bedroom furniture. I noticed the comment on putting a dowel through a lathe to get it more shapely, but with the spindles, its been done for you. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know of Masters idea.

Napalm writes, "My sub and I recently visited a Cracker Barrel Restaurant in the south. Like the good girl that she is, she pointed out that they had a wooden handled/leather topped flyswatter. It only cost us 4.99+tax. It definitely leaves a mark and it stings like a bee. thought you would like to know."

An anonymous contributor sent us: If you take two paint stirrers, 4-6 washers, and some rubber bands, you can make a great toy for male submissives. Have them kneel. Pull their balls back. place one stirrer under the sack between the balls and the legs. Put an equal number of washers on either side. place the other stirrer on top. and rubber band the two stirrers together. the stirrers prevent the submissive from getting up without pulling his balls off. I know. it has been used on me for hours.

Here is a great way to torture a sub! There are cock shaped ice cube makers on the market (pretty cheap/$6.00). They are about 6" long by 5" around. Great way to cool off a subs ass hole after some hard play to get him ready for another session! Also a great way to just torture him or numb him for larger insertions! Hope you like! Jack

This is LadyLeanne. I make a lot of my own stuff. I find it a challenge to make toys from things not normally used. I made several floggers out of plastic craft lacing just doubled it over a d ring and wrapped the handle they are very stingy and can be made in any color and the best thing if you use a heavy plastic d ring they are completely water-resistant. I have also made floggers from plastic twine I cut the number of tails I wanted and glued then with rubber cement then melted the top to be affixed into a hollowed out dowel rod pony beads can be added to the end too just slide bead on and melt the twine to secure it. The same twine can make a cheap and very close replica of a horsehair flogger but can be done in any color and has the same feel. It was made the same way but instead of putting beads on I just unraveled the twine and combed it out so it was separated. If you are interested I might be able to take some pics of my equipment and send it to you. the plastic lacing floggers are ( in Canadian funds about 4.00 takes 1/2 to 3/4 or roll then can add another color) and the other ones cost me horsehair 3.50 including handle and the other one about 5 including beads so if you want cheap toys here they are. I have one other inexpensive idea for you cheap non permanent branding iron ( hardware store and get cast iron letter 2"x2" so two D's for you nail them into a piece of wood and secure a handle on the back of the wood, it is the perfect size for the standard office stamp pad so voila they are marked your property for about 3 days depending on how much scrubbing they can do on something they can't see hehehe). The other idea is a cheap disposable kali teeth bracelet. The plastic ring form a pop bottle but not name brand ( they don't have the little teeth) If he says it won't fit trust me I have used them on all sizes I put it on when it is soft stretch it a bit if you have to hehe it does work. If you would ever like to chat or exchange ideas don't hesitate to email me I have tons of ideas and some wonderful mind fuck games too hehehe LadyLeanne Don't make me hurt you................... unless you crave it

Mz Brenda suggests: Just found your web site and loved it. If I may there is one suggestion that I have for a fun filled Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Here in Fort Lauderdale we have one of the biggest outdoor Flea Markets I have ever seen. We love to get a bunch of D/s friends together and go shopping for "pervertables". Whoever finds the best D/s use for an item ( other than the obvious vanilla use) can use or have the item used on them. If the "sub" doesn't find anything meeting with the DOMMES approval....he may or may not (hehehe) be punished. Thank you again for a great web site.

Bobbie Jo suggests: Bobby pins are great nipple clamps.  I don't know why no one else discovered and suggested them.  They don't look at all like sex toys.  The standard small size pinch harder than the big size.  Try getting two or three on each nipple and flip them with fingernails or a toy flogger or...

Tiny rubber bands designed for putting tension on braces (orthodontic appliances) are terribly handy.  The smaller ones can hug a woman's erect nipple all day without cutting off the blood supply completely.  Larger ones work on a penis or around ears.  They can ease or add to the tension of clothes pins or can be used to pinch a pair of chopsticks together.  Lots of possibilities.

Kitchen shops are great for all sorts of items. One of the big things for the local Bay Area Dommes (courtesy of Hemlock) are Abalone Tenderizers. These make really heavy, nasty, scary paddles. And they are still cheaper than buying a paddle at most kink shops. Remember, Pancake turners, wooden spoons, skewers, spatulas, etc. all make great percussive toys. Spaghetti strainers make fun scratchy toys. As do dish brushes.

What about the toothy plastic spring hair clips sold in dime stores for clipping your hair back? What about the miniature ones for genital torture?

Storm Princess reports: I found some great wooden paddles- I guess they are for pizza or something at a nearby Everything for a Dollar store. Just the right size and shape!

Master Gene sends us these suggestions:
Here's a few HARDWARE ITEMS that you may like. Alligator clips with teeth from RADIO SHACK Hemostats available in most hardware and electronics stores. C-Clamps available in most hardware stores I'm sure if you look around a "Home Depot" type of store, you'll find plenty of hardware items to use, can you imagine a sub sitting bare butt on 60 grit course sand paper AFTER A CANING/SPANKING/PADDLING.

My newest favorite place to shop is the local music store. You can make scratchy fingernails with the steel guitar picks, and what about drum brushes!!!!! Look at the selection of drum brushes when you have some spare time. The ideas for using them on the human body are infinite! My latest purchases were a set of steel brushes and a set of Blastix brushes. The Blastix are little bundles of wooden rods. Genital torture takes on a whole 'nother rhythm!

We Want Your Ideas!

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