Domina's Shopping and Home Manufacturing Tips


Miscellaneous Toys

If you take two paint stirrers, 4-6 washers, and some rubber bands, you can make a great toy for male subbies. Have them kneel. Pull their balls back. place one stirrer under the sack between the balls and the legs. Put an equal number of washers on either side. place the other stirrer on top. and rubber band the two stirrers together. the stirrers prevent the the subbie from getting up without pulling his balls off. I know. it has been used on me for hours. (Name of Submitter withheld by request.)

Piggly Wiggly sell plastic "bread bag clips" they are like a miniature clothes peg (can you tell I am English ) they are short, but have a wide end and are great as nipple clips they run at about $1 for two on a cardboard display. (Submitted by teece)

Mistress Heather Morgan has these ideas to add:
Flyfishing rods (I found one at Big Lots for around $7) are collapsible in 3 sections, have no reel attached, and are very simple to remove the feeder rings for the fishing line from. One you have snipped off the rings, you're
left with three different sized canes that collapse into one convenient size for carrying and storage. The thickest one is very heavy and thuddy, the middle section almost exactly like a rattan cane, the thinnest section like
an evil little switch capable of breaking skin. They're also a lot less breakable than rattan!

If you want to make a wicked flogger, here are two I've made myself. For the first I used weedeater trimmer line replacement spools, available in something like 20 ft. length. I wrapped it tightly lengthwise around a door for a few days to straighten it out some, as it is very curly when you first unwind it! I cut it in appropriate lengths, folded it in half, and used a
bicycle handle cover for the handle. This flogger is very scratchy and stingy, and can break the skin if used heavily. The other I made out of spline from the hardware store. Spline is the springy rubber strand you use to secure screening into the frame of a door or window. It costs about $.30 to $.50 a foot. Cut it, double the lengths and again, use a bicycle handle.
The sensation of this one is somewhat like the scrape of sandpaper - it leaves little raspberries on the skin akin to carpet burns.

If you really want to make your subby jump, cut a length of coaxial cable about 2 feet long and use it as a cane! It's really flexible, so you'll have to straighten it out periodically, but boy, is it effective!!

Bear "the slave of Princess Suzanne" contributed this:

I started with a black and decker workmate 150. Then I made a padded top
for it and connected some hooks to the legs. It is now a very capable
bondage bench for aprox. $70 where at an s/m shop will cost over $300.
It will supports 400lbs. and will fold flat to hide from vanilla
friends. I also made the top removable so I can still use it as a work
bench to make more toys.
I have already made 2 of these and it takes under 1 hour to make it. All
you need is some vinyl, foam padding, a piece of plywood and a black and
decker workmate.


BDSM on a Budget

by Lady Leanne

In case you hadn't realized it yet, bdsm gear is very expensive. Well guess what the cost of compiling a dungeon is worse. I know all to well what it is like to on a shoestring budget (although I prefer other uses for my shoestrings). I have spent many years and many brain cells coming up with innovative and fun ways to use household items in a bdsm fashion. Many you may have heard but lots of them are originals from the sadistic little mind of LadyLeanne. Get your highlighters ready. There are so many different ways I could go about this so being the strong little vixen I am I will do it MY way.

My favorite past time is CBT and I have come up with many inexpensive ways to torture that little tool. Hmmmmmmm no paddles in your household? Well off to the kitchen with you then, wooden spoons, rice paddles or even that long shoehorn in the closet can be used to bounce some balls. I can't go anywhere without having a dominant thought and the lightblubs flash no matter where I am. Dollar stores are a great place. Take some time to stroll down the aisles and let you mind wander. Children's playdough and a thick drinking straw can make a fun urethral impaler toy. Poke playdough with one end of the straw and fill with water then freeze. Slide the ice tube out of the straw and insert (make the slave lick it first because ice can have sharp edges and can cut and we don't want to injure out toys). Drizzle hot candle wax (another cheap find) and watch him squirm between the two sensations. Qtips (sterile kind are best), plastic drink stir sticks, toothbrush handles, gummy fishing worms and metal rods also make good impaling tools but be sure you know the anatomy and take great care. Never insert anything that has even the most remote possibility of breakage. While strolling down the gadget aisle be sure to load up with other devices to tease and taunt. A cherry pitter adapted with a small plastic cap over the metal spike makes a great testicle press, as does a handle held lemon juicer (the squeeze type). How about stainless steel chopsticks and a violet wand or tens unit. Pencils, chopsticks or even wooden skewers secured with rubber bands work wonders on cocks, testicles, nipples or tongues (secure two together and insert offending body part). Moving on to the bath section of the store we find abrasive bath mitts that make for an eventful and memorable masturbation moment (plastic nubbed gardening gloves, plastic veggie scrubbers uncoiled into a sleeve, and pet grooming gloves will also add to the moment). Callus scrapers make for nasty little cbt paddles (be careful here).

As we fill our plastic basket full of goodies we find more cute little things such as plastic tablecloth clamps with adorable yet humiliating looking colorful fruit shaped weights (mine are cherries). An onion piercer makes beautiful scratching patterns with its 15+metal spikes that can be dragged across delicate skin. A pickle grabber takes nice little nips at nips and those green bamboo plant rods make an inexpensive cane (although not nearly as sturdy so be gentle). They have ice pops molds to be used as chilling dildos and tiny ice tray for smaller deposits (snicker). Rubber nubbed or twine-type grass matts make a decent kneeling punishment or use a piece of plastic carpet runner turned over and covered with a thin piece of cloth. Rubber bands and small hair clips can be used to clip the hair of your feminine little honey or to clip whatever other little things you may find hanging around. A little dab of toothpaste on a tender little clit causes an intense dance of joy.

Now we move on to the hardware section of this wonderful store. They have bungee cords and heavy rubber tie down that can transform into ruthless whipping implements. How about tie wraps to bind a cock with as long as you have your safety shears handy. Safety, welding or swim goggles with lens painted black are not only hilarious to look at but they are a great sensory toy. Add some of those compressible foam earplugs and watch them squirm. Steel and rubber o-rings have endless possibilities, as does rubber cording and c-clamps. There is a ton more hardware stuff that can be used but you will have to go to a bigger store for that (see below).

You near the checkout and suddenly you are struck with a brilliant snickering flash and you collect the saran wrap, razor, gag itching powder and feather duster you need to pull it off (use your imagination). But wait you forgot the 2"x2" metal letters (LL) and the stamp pad to make that temporary brander you have always wanted (nailed to a small wooden square side-by-side, they fit onto a standard stamp pad.....Mark some place they will have to be a contortionist to clean off). The independently owned and operated Dollar stores have the most unique and varied array of implements so look around to find your favorite. Now make your slave go pay for your stuff and head off to the medical supply store.

Medical supply and drugstores have all the general tools you may need for playtime. Stock up on needles, tubing, enema bags, peroxide, alcohol swabs, cotton balls, saline, culture swabs, icy hot gel and heat rubs, sterilizing soap, stylic pencils and condoms. You know all the good stuff needed to play doctor. They also have other fun things like latex stretch banding for mummification, diapers (if you are into that), elastic bandages (great for BB but don't leave on long), Vagasil (great numbing cream), diapers or absorbent pads (for those golden opportunities), hemostat clamps and those ever present safety shears for emergencies. If you by chance do have a bit more to spend you can purchase a tens unit, straightjacket, sturdy restraints and a handy commode chair or personal throne. If you are a beginner it might be wise to pick up a kidney belt until you have practiced better aim (don't want to damage those they are delicate). I could go on forever here but you get the idea. While you are there, and my personal choice would be Diamond Medical Supplies, pick up a Wartenburg wheel (cheapest I have found to date at under $10), and a sheath catheter. Take your submissive home and tingle his balls with the wheel while he gives himself a golden enema.

The possibilities of fun play tools are endless if you have an open-mind. For under $5 you can have a great time, just use your imagination. I have been brainstorming lately and had some brilliant ideas uses of recycling pop bottle. The ring on the top makes a safer and disposable Kali Teeth Bracelet (when he gets hard those little plastic teeth will show him the error of his ways. You could also make a birdfeeder type thing and add water or pennies to make as heavy of a weight as you think he could stand. Before pop bottles are inflated in the factory using suction, they are in the shape of a large test tube with a screw on lid. Add water and freeze or maybe pudding the make him eat it (after the container has been removed and cleaned). Luke warm water added to it and inserted anally? Phone your nearest independent bottler and inquire about buying some (doesn't hurt to ask). You could also cut a piece of wood to fit your table (where the leaf would go) and make it a stock so you would always have a nice centerpiece for your table. Decorate slaves head with flowers or what have you. The best part is you have salt and pepper holders. Ever tried lining your cuffs and restraints with emery cloth? A kinder egg filled with chocolate then frozen heheh turn your slave into the Easter chicken (ms valentine) Now what could we do with those little toys? Well I think I am about done. If you can come up with anything I haven't be sure to pass it on to me. Original ideas are just that so be fair. Because I am a domme most of my ideas are geared toward the male slave variety but many can be construed for feminine use as well. Search everywhere, Hardware stores, sporting goods, boat supplies, pet stores…..You would be surprised the places the ingenuity will strike. Looks over to her slave kneeling on a bed of raw rice (ouch ouch) and decides to put some of these ideas to use.

LadyLeanne can be reach at