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Margueriit's Stinger

A lovely lady named Margueriit sent in this recipe for a Nasty Little Switch. We make these and sell them for $10, but here is how to make your own version.

1) take a supply line for a sink from a hardware store (semi-rigid plastic tubing) about 18" long--cost = under $2

2) curve into an arc and bring 2 ends together

3) tape together with electrical tape (or stop here, or make fancier handle)

4) coat electrical tape "handle" with plastidip

makes an easy-to-handle cane-like stingy little toy that leaves half-moon welts.


Over the Door Portable Bondage


2 foot dowel
1/4 cotton rope, about ten feet (the cheap stuff will do)
Two 1 5/16 eyebolts
Suspension cuffs with hooks
Double ended release hooks (optional)
One or more willing submissives (not optional)

1. Drill holes in each end of the dowel. Screw in eyebolts.
2. Double the rope at one end ( turning 4 feet of rope into one two-foot section)...push through the left eyebolt. Tie a figure eight knot at the end, leaving about three inches as a "hooking spot" for either your suspension cuffs with hooks, or double ended hooks.
3. Leaving about four inches (max, depending on sub is 6'2, and the height was fine), tie a square knot around the left eyebolt. You should have one long end of rope left, and one shorter end. The shorter end should be 9" to 12", though in the long run it doesn't really're probably done with that part of it, unless you want to make the unit look pretty.
4. Pull the long end over to the right eyebolt, and do the same thing with that side. You'll have to tighten up the long end between ends of the dowel...but again, more for aesthetics than anything else.
5. Give yourself about an hour to play with it so the height is right...tying, untying, etc.
6. Put the dowel on one side of the door, and the ropes (and hooks if used) hanging on the other side. There should be 3 - 4 inches of rope between the eyebolt and the figure eight knot at the bottom. You'll figure it out as you start to put it together.
7. Grab the first sub who walks by...slap him in cuffs...go sit down and make yourself a snack as you just stare at him and think of what you're gonna do next. Bon appetite!

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