Sources for Materials

None of these sources is warranted in any way to be a reputable source.  If you have a problem with them, please let us know.  We get these email addresses from friends and mailing lists as places others have used to buy materials.  We are not connected with these sources in any way.
Knots Alaska Museum of Knots  
Animated Turks Head  
Brighton Boy Scouts Troop 42  
Knots, Knots and More Knots  
Knots on the Web  
Troop 7 Knots  
Turks Head Knot  
Turks Head Rings  
Leather Brettuns Village Leather "The only catch is they don't have an automated online ordering form. I place my order by phone with no problems."
Demers Leather  
Hide and Fur  
The Hide House I buy from them and they are wonderful.
The Leather Factory  
Marini Leather Company  
Siegel of California  
Stokari Kangaroo Leather  
PVC Fabric No websites Discount Fabrics
1432 Haight St. near Masonic, San Francisco, 415.621.5584

Mendel's Far Out Fabrics
1556 Haight Street, San Francisco, 415.621.1287

Rubber Canal Rubber "Yes, Canal Rubber Co. in NYC has colored latex for garment use as well, and in colors. They tend to sell in rollls but will also do small orders, I think."
NA Rubber "what I'm finding hard is determining the correct terminology to use..".
Primeline Industries  
Horsehair Hitching Post  
Buckles Ohio Travel Bag Minimum order is $75, but they have lots of good stuff
Chain Ball Chain  
YKK USA Ball chain Fashion chain
Ho Hung Ming Ball Chain
Rings and Things Ball chain and jewelry chain
Inland Products Split rings, chain, etc.
Pipefitting Keeklamp  
Misc. Tools Leather Cutters
Gluing This to That How to glue practically anything
Rubber Cord NA Rubber Latex Cord
Ball Chain
Armstrong Alar Chain Corporation  
McMaster-Carr Supply Company  
Raymor Tool  
Welcome To Sturge  
Ball Chain