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Paraphilic Infantilism Little AB's Babyland Paraphilic Infantilism by BobG Understanding Infantilism
What is Infantilism-Little Jenny's Page A Sissy Kiss.Com

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Finding a Mommy or Daddy Diaper Space Adult Diaper Guide I Heart Diapers (Journal)
Lingam Massage Beth Tyler (EVERYTHING you want to know)  Goddess Angel's Enema Guide Anal Sex Positions and Tips Handballing Guide
Tristan Taormino's Anal Advisor Ten Rules of Anal Sex 6 Part Article on Anal Sex Handballing FAQ
Anal Odyssey Douche and Enema How to Alt Sex Enema FAQ Enema Recipes Colon Cleansing
Fisting 101 Enema Tips
InfoCenter Guide to Anal Sex How to Have Butt Sex  by Toys in Babeland Anal Sex Tips From Women by Anal Sex Yes Anal Sex Questions and Answers Anal Fisting
About Anal Sex Anal Sex Fisting Fisting Central
Health Consequences of Unprotected Anal Sex Anal Sex 
Prostate Massage Ancient Primer for Practical Godhead Total


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Tied Moments Locked Up Love Male Chastity Forum
Male Chastity Belts Male Chastity Advice for Newbies Secrets of Male Chastity Keyholders

Male Chastity Guide (A Beginner's Guide)

Mistress Leah's Male Chastity Guide
Start With a Feather... Developing a Command Presence BDSM Folk I Can Do Without CHUDWAH A Submissive's Bill of Rights
Play Tips for Beginners How to Spot a Dominant Domination for Nice Guys The Newbie Sub Packet Sexuality.Org
Cock and Ball Torture (Fetish Information Exchange) Sound Advice The uses and abuses of sounds Basic Cock and Ball Torture Vaginal Fisting Cock and Ball Ratchet and Torture
Female Genitorture
Cock and Ball Torture with Alexis Tremaine Genitorture by Rose A Kinkster's Guide to Genitorture CBT CBT
by Jack Rinella
Intimate Edge Play Female Genitorture CBT
Nipple Torture Sound Play Medical Fetishes:  Sounds Play Sounds and Catheters  
Humiliation New Start For the New Year Humiliation Ideas and Suggestions Marital Humiliation Even More Humiliation and Masturbation Ideas and Suggestions
Humiliation Chart Erotic Torture Game BadBob's Version of the Erotic Torture Game
MsIn10sity's Essay on Erotic Humiliation
Sexual Humiliation
BDSM Party Games
Lists of Humiliations, Teases, Punishments, Etc. A Matter of Perspective Erotic Humiliation Vanilla Not on Erotic Humiliation Sissy Humiliation
Introductory Guide to Humiliation Play Erotic Humiliation--Dress Public Humiliation

Embarrassing and/or Painful Ways to Make Your Slave Masturbate

BonViv's Additions to the Masturbation Suggestions

Fantasy Masturbation .com

Male Masturbation Techniques

Male Masturbation Guide

Masturbation Techniques Female Masturbation and Ejaculation

Masturbation Techniques

Web MD

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Sexual Addiction

A Guide for Nice Guys Ways to Entertain Yourself and Your Sub in a Hotel Room Without Your Toys Figging Learn a Victorian Torture What is in a Top's Toy Bag? The  Hanky Code This is used more often in the gay and lesbian community than in the heterosexual communities, 
Traveling With Toys Female Ejaculation Toy box
Sensory Deprivation Tips Sploshing
Shaving Basic Scene Protocols BDSM, D/s and the Law Scene Etiquette and Leather Protocol Abduction and Rape Play
Shaving FAQ


Dog Training The Doghouse The Human Equine Animal Role Play Puppy Play Pride: Negotiation Form
Dog Boy Pet Play Pony Play Liinks
Dog/Puppy Training My Intro to Puppy Play Stampede Fetish Pony Equus Eroticus
First Trip Into Subspace Top Drop and Sub Drop  Aftercare The Healthy Submissive Society and Submissive Women Emotional Safety
Endorphins The Pleasure of the Pain
Subspace Links  The Psychology of SM The Pleasure of Pain Domination and Submission Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Sex and Pain Erotic Humiliation Erotic Art of Dominance


Suggested Scene Music How to Set Up a Scene How to Set the Mood Mick and Dee's Scene Music Playlist Warming Up to It


San Francisco Sex Information Getting Started with G Spot Play The Clitoris A Man's Primer on Sexual Technique Ejaculation Awareness and Control Exercise Program
Giving and Receiving Erotic Massage Female Ejaculation Health and Sex Guide About.Com Sex and Sexuality Tantric Sex
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BEST Slave Training Adlerian Counseling Slave Positions and Hand Signals Leather Care and How to Spit Shine Boots Slave Contract Links Non Corporal Punishments

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A Submissive's Journey (Careful, there is MUSIC!!!)

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chocolat's Pee Play Report

 The Official Watersports Training Manual by Hartley Watersports Golden Showers
Within Reality:  Golden Showers Urolagnia