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   Domina's Viewpoint

Please do understand that a slave contract does not legally bind anyone to anything.  It's an agreement between the Dominant and the Slave, but it is not legally enforceable in the United States.  Probably not anywhere else, either. 

These are good tools if they work for YOU.  There is nothing that MUST be in such a contract, just as there is nothing that can't be in such a contract.  The contract is between the people involved.  People outside that relationship don't make the rules for it. 

I do not use a slave contract.  For me, if someone has agreed to be my slave, then that's pretty much it.  That means, TO ME, that they don't have any limits, doubts, or the ability to tell me "no."  Agreeing to be my slave is the last major decision they make.  Oh, of course that doesn't mean that I dont value their input.  Or that I wouldn't allow them to question a decision (in private) but it does mean that I am in control of them with no reservations. 

I think everyone should use the tools that work for them.  There is no one way that is better than another.  There are no rules that you can't agree to do something (unless it's an illegal act.) 

I hope you find this page useful.