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The Ejaculation Awareness and Control Program

Be an Ejaculation ACE!

It’s possible with

The Ejaculation Awareness and Control Exercise Program.

This program was created with the idea of it being a sexual game within the context of the female domination setting. Nevertheless, it is based on sound medical evidence to the extent that learning to recognize the stages of arousal prior to reaching the inevitability of ejaculation has helped many men learn to regulate or control their ejaculation.

For the dominant woman one of the most common (and often the first) elements of control she exerts is over the male’s ejaculation. The reasons for this are almost too numerous to list. Even in a non BDSM setting, failure to control the male ejaculation response often leaves women unsatisfied. Controlling the male orgasm can ensure her satisfaction, and his devotion to her needs as the means for him to obtain release. Nothing seems to more define a man and his freedom as the ability to obtain sexual gratification when and where he wishes, whether on his own or with another partner. So the motivations for desiring this control are clear and real. Many of these concerns lead women to use chastity devices on their sub males. This is about giving more precise control over the ejaculation for the times when he will be allowed release. This can be useful for Mistress and especially for those who are in a loving couple BDSM relationship.

However; prolonged chastity, especially when coupled with stimulation without release, may only make his orgasm come more quickly when he is allowed release. For some Mistresses this is the desired outcome, but probably not within a long term relationship. Likewise, simple punishment for cumming without permission does little to guide the male into the ability to participate in this control.

Many men have this problem, often referred to as premature ejaculation. It is often primarily an inability to recognize the building excitement level until it has gone too far and reached a "point of no return".

The point of this exercise program is to have fun, and to teach the male how to recognize his approaching orgasm. Since we are presenting this game in a Femdom setting, naturally there will still be punishments. We also suggest that it is a perfect companion to the Erotic Torture Game played with the blue and green beads.

Simply put the male has to perform a countdown prior to his climax. Mistress can stop him at any point and he must not only stop stimulation at that point, he must also not climax. He does not know when he starts the count down if he will be allowed to finish. When the countdown is stopped, and he also successfully does not ejaculate, Mistress may start (or allow the start) of stimulation again. At which point if he feels he is approaching orgasm he must start a new countdown, which may or may not be allowed to go to completion.

The key is the countdown must be a countdown to the “point of no return”, rather than to the actual climax. It is the point of no return that he needs to see in advance, not the actual orgasm. Now subs are very clever. Some of the guys out there right now are thinking that the way around this is simply to start the countdown early enough so that there is no question that he would be able to stop, and then to just go on for whatever it takes to orgasm if given permission to complete. So to stop this from happening, he must climax within 3 seconds of zero. (It may be necessary to adjust this time, based on the reactions of particular individuals, but 3 seconds is a good place to start.)

During sex play the standing orders are for the male to begin a countdown as he feels he is approaching the point of no return. Stimulation or sex play continues until or unless Mistress says “hold”. She may call a hold up to the count of one. At which point all stimulation should stop. To begin the game the male should start his countdown from 5. But as experience is gained the countdown should be moved back to start at 10. In the beginning it is unlikely that he will have even 5 seconds warning, or he wouldn’t have this problem in the first place. It will take much practice, which can be fun for both, well maybe more so for the woman.

I promised punishments, so here they are. For coming anyway when a hold in the countdown has been called, the punishment factor is the number of the countdown where the hold was called. So if Mistress calls a hold at 3, and the sub cums anyway, then the punishment factor is 3. Likewise, if given permission to complete the countdown and cum, the punishment factor is the number of seconds after 3 that he actually cums. For example, if the count goes to plus 5, then the punishment factor is 2 (5 minus 3). So what does the punishment factor mean? Whatever Mistress wants. Punishment might be shocks to the genitals, or slaps with a penis whip. The punishment factor can be the number of strokes or the number of shocks. For the really enterprising it might be two or three times the punishment factor. Just so there is a recognizable difference based on the time. Missing by one second on either side of the window, is clearly a lot closer to the desired performance than missing by 5 seconds on either side of the window.

Tips: If Mistress wants to help this process along there are some things that can be done to help ensure a quicker success. Have some ice ready to apply to the male organs as soon as a hold is called. This sounds like a lot of trouble, but an ice pack or one of those dry cold packs that can be kept in the freezer (and which hold their cold for a long time) make this less messy than loose ice. Also the pace of stimulation can be experimented with. Reports from those really into the tease and denial games say that many men can stand about one penis stroke per second almost indefinitely. This will allow Mistress to control the speed with which he reaches the point to start a countdown.

If you really work at this you could be an Ejaculation ACE!