How to be a Contestant

If you want to be a contestant, it's best to apply early. While Domina wants a variety of orientations in both the stunt bottoms and the contestants, if, for instance, ten het male tops apply, then the first of that orientation to apply gets to enter. Then we skip them and go on to someone of a different orientation. We try to keep it reasonable. But diversity makes it a lot more interesting. If it were only het female dominants and het male submissives, it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining. Remember, anyone might be the one who floats in to share the island.

All you have to do to apply is to email irondom (at) frugaldomme (dot) com. Please include your orientation. We announce the contestants about four weeks before the contest. And even if you don't make the first cut, we often have people have to drop out due to accidents, family problems, work, or whatever. If you really want to be a contestant and you didn't enter in time, show up at the event right at 2:00. If someone has a last minute problem, You could end as a contestant. Believe it or not, it happens almost every year that Domina asks for a volunteer from the first attendees. Last year's winner was a last minute contestant.

Stunt Bottoms

Of course, there are the dirty, dangerous jobs. Low pay, no recognition, but they have to be done. Stunt bottom is one of these. Who, in their right mind, would sign up to have some stranger crash test some hastily assembled creations on their quivering flesh.

But so many of us are not in our right minds when it comes to this.

We do remind the contestants that you are not their subs, and you are only on loan. And the judges can and will stop anything they feel is extreme. However, humiliation very often plays a part. What can we say? You know our community.

In all seriousness, we expect the contestants to respect your limits and you DO have the right to safeword at any time. Stunt bottoms are underappreciated, in my mind at least, since without the perfect canvas provided by the stunt bottom, the Contestant has noo way to show his skill.

So we'd love it if you take a chance on this and volunteer for this job. You do get lunch and a chance to watch most of the contest for free.


We could not put on this contest without our wonderful volunteers. And they get less notice than anyone, but they are the backbone of the contest. But if it weren't for all the volunteers vacuuming, putting out chairs, putting away chairs, helping serve the food, being "Judges Boy" and being Domina's runner, we would really have no contest.

Volunteering doesn't get you much, but it does get you a free admission and our thanks. It's a fun contest to watch. So if you'd like to go and don't have the money, see if we have a volunteer slot you might fill.

If you'd like to do this, contact us at irondom (at) frugaldomme (dot)com

Two of our most regular volunteers are Stephanie and Mikey. They both give to the community above and beyond all expectations. Our event is not the only one that you'll see them working at. They both give so much to the community that I sometimes think that they should be declared local treasures.


If you have ideas on someone who would be a good judge, let us know. It's always nice to have a little "new blood" in this contest. It keeps us from being predictable. We want to be sure that you don't watch the contest a couple of times and say, "Oh, the judges like XXX. Great, I just have to add some XXX to the scene and I'll win."

If you know someone who might be a good choice for a Judge or MC , contact us at irondom (at) frugaldomme (dot)com

New Ideas

We'd also love to hear from you if you have any ideas on how we can improve this competition. We'd especially like to hear from you if you have any ideas on how to make it more difficult for the contestants. We're always here at Irondom (at)frugaldomme (dot)com.

I Just Want to Attend

Well, that's easy enough! All you have to do is to come on down to the Citadel on the date of the contest. Doors open at 2:00. Admission is $20. If you'd like a sloppy joe lunch, it's only $5 more. And of course we accept donations of both money and non-perishable food stuffs.

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