Contestant Rules

You must not be a previous winner.

You may not use any tools other than those provided by the contest holder.

You may not use any materials other than those provided by the contest holder

You must be over 21 years old.

You must not be currently attending high school.

Please don't take suggestions from the audience about making your toys or running your scene.

Please don't copy scenes you may have seen in previous Iron Dom Contests

Please use all of your time (three songs) for your scene.

You are not required to use all the items in your materials bag.

You must be willing to play with any stunt bottom you draw, regardless of gender or orientation. No exceptions.

You must not have previously played with the stunt bottom you draw.

Please realize that the stunt bottom is on loan to you for the contest. This is only a ten minute scene. Lets not leave the stunt bottom bruised, cut, and otherwise extremely marked. Light marks and such are okay, but this isn't your bottom.

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