The Contest

Since we can't really maroon our tops on a desert island, this is how it actually goes:

Five tops are chosen and hopefully they are of diverse parts of the community. On the day of the contest, they show up two hours before the judging and are given a bag of ju...we mean interesting items that Domina has found throughtout the year. After the contestants quit kicking themselves for letting Domina talk them into doing this, they have two hours to make these items into toys, using their imagination and ingenuity. They do have access to tape, tacks, hammers, glue, and other items. And because if they were truly marooned for months, they would have more time, Lee is there with power tools to drill, saw, or whatever needs doing to make these things. Lee represents time. We decided not to make him wear a beard, however.

Meanwhile, the audience is touring the work area to watch (but they are not allowed to give suggestions), eating Domina's Justly Famous Sloppy Joes or just chatting with friends. (And probably making book on who's going to win.)

And finally, the moment of truth. The contestants are locked away from the audience, and one at a time, each is introduced to his/her stunt bottom. This is purely "the luck of the draw." Het male tops might draw a gay male bottom. A lesbian top may draw a gay man. The bottom may be any gender or orientation, and you have only ten minutes to negotiate. And have to do your scene.

And as if this was not enough, they have one more hurdle to get over. Meryl, Domina's girl, supplies the music for them to play to. (Our premise is that it washed ashore just like everything else.) Some of the befuddled tops have threatened her with death, or at least great bodily harm. Imagine if you will playing to selections like, "Knock Three Times on the Ceiling..." or "The Theme from the Love Boat", or another favorite, "Muskrat Love." Yes, this is a contest of nerve and skill!

The scene lasts ten minutes, or three excruciating songs. Then the judges get to ask questions, the audience gets to ask questions, and the judges rate the contestants.

And The Winner Gets...

Yes, there is a prize. The most important, of course, is the title and the patch denoting that he/she is Iron Dom, 20XX. And then there are the toys. The Frugal Domme puts together a basket of toys. Usually the winner gives something in the basket to the stunt sub, but that still leaves a nice prize.

Although this contest started as a fundraiser and maybe just a bit about spoofing the regular leather titles, It does demonstrate creativity, flexibility, coolness under stress, and the ability to think on your feet. All of our previous winners are proud of being our winners.

I Really Want to Attend

Well, that's easy enough! All you have to do is to come on down to the Citadel on the date of the contest. Doors open at 2:00. Admission is $20. If you'd like a sloppy joe lunch, it's only $5 more. And of course we accept donations of both money and non-perishable food stuffs.

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