The Premise

Suppose you are stranded on a desert island with only the flotsam and jetsam that washed ashore with you. Once you've taken care of your basic necessities, you occupy yourself by making "toys" just in case a bottom someday washes ashore.

And lo and behold! Sure enough, one day, your wish is granted and someone DOES wash ashore. And that person IS a bottom! There is much rejoicing!

After having a great feast of welcome, you and your new bottom decide to play. But this bottom the right gender and orientation? If not, are you enough of a dom to make it work ANYWAY??? And what about your toys? Are they suitable?

Contest Schedule

2:00 PM Doors Open

2:30-4:30 Contestants make their toys in main dungeon. Audience may watch.

2:30-4:30 Lunch Served in Citadel Social Area

2:30-4:30 Socializing, gossip, and meeting new people in the social area.

5:00 Contest begins

7:00 Judging is over, Winner Announced

8:00 After Contest Play Party Begins

The Story Behind the Contest

A little group of people in our local community were sitting around one evening, and one of them had an idea about an "Iron Dom" contest predicated on the "Iron Chef" tv show. Several people chimed in with ideas, changes and various ways to work it. One of them was Domina.

And then, of course, a local playspace needed a fund raiser and Domina took the idea and ran with it. Attendence wasn't what they had hoped, but the idea caught on. It went on a bit irregularly for the next couple of years (skipping one year) but it was always a charity event.

Domina and Lee moved to Sonoma County, and Domina started volunteering at the Sonoma County Aids Food Bank. She fell in love with the place, the people, and so naturally, since she had a small, but popular fund raiser, she dedicated the funds to the charity for which she was doing volunteer work.

How Much Actually Goes to Charity?

100% of the money received actually goes to Food For Thought. The contest is sponsored by The Frugal Domme, Domina's toymaking business. They donate all contest supplies, food, and the contestant prizes. All of the planning, advance labor, and organization is done by Domina's leather family. Meryl does the music and between contests has to hide until the irate people who had to try to PLAY to that stuff cool down.

The Citadel does not charge any rental for use of the dungeon during the Iron Dom Contest. We are inordinately lucky to have people like Phil and August who are truly community minded and who have enough community support of the playspace that they can afford to let us have that day.

The day of the contest, all of the labor is provided by volunteers, some of whom have volunteered almost every year that the contest happened. We love our volunteers and could not put on this contest without them. Our volunteers put in a lot of time. Since it's for charity we try to keep the volunteers to a minimum and all of our volunteers have put in more hours for this event than they have to for almost any other event they volunteer at.

Two of our most regular volunteers are Stephanie and Mikey. They both give to the community above and beyond all expectations. Our event is not the only one that you'll see them working at. They both give so much to the community that I sometimes think that they should be declared local treasures.

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