About the Frugal Domme Staff

The Frugal Domme was started by Domina and Lee in 1996. Domina wanted more toys, and they just could not afford to buy really good toys. They began making their own toys and did a pretty good job. So they started making them to sell. Folsom Street Fair was their first big event, and they have been vending there for 14 years. Vending lets them attend a lot of events make new friends all over the west coast.

Because Domina volunteers at Food for Thought, they chose that food bank as the "Official" Iron Dom Charity. They've also given money to The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (Domina's Mother is a breast cancer survivor) and to the travel fund of SF Dykegrrl, 2004, who was Domina's former partner. Food for Thought is going to be the recipient of their proceeds for the forseeable future. Domina has her subs being "unofficial" volunteers for the food bank as as either Meryl or Lee go with her and do the heavy lifting for her at the Farmer's Market when she collects donations in kind there.

Domina teaches a number of classes at various events and locations on the west coast. If you're interested in booking Domina as a presenter at your event, please look at her site here.

Lee, Meryl and Domina live together in a house in Santa Rosa with a couple of thousand books, three cats, and one dog. They seem to be very happy.

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