Teramis' Basic Rules of Engagement:
(used by permission of author)

Be aware of your boundaries and be scrupulous in maintaining them. There is a difference between relaxing a boundary because you *choose* to, and having one run over rough-shod because you could not enforce it.

Honor yourself as much as you honor your partner(s).

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. If that is lacking in your relationship, reconsider your situation.

Devotion cannot be onesided; it must be reciprocal.

You need to know what your needs are, before you can get them met. Be

mindful of that journey of self-discovery.

No one can make you trust them. Trust comes from within and grows from your ability to trust *yourself*.

Remember that ultimately only *you* can keep you safe.

and a final note:

"Never look down when your tits are on fire"

~ Hayden.


(c) 2000 by Teramis, all rights reserved. Permission granted for personal use only; for other uses contact the author for permission. Teramis@teramis.com

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