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Basic Slave Positions and Hand Signals

Author Unknown/Domina (this means that I got the positions from various sources (usually emailed to me), modified them, discarded some, added a couple that I like and designed hand signals for some of them.  several people asked me to post a set of basic positions, and I'd like to thank everyone who sent me positions and pictures.   Models here are Ms Kitti, a friend of mine who is also a prodomme (and isn't she absolutely gorgeous) and Talby Lady Cynthia's gorgeous guysub.  

BASIC SERVICE POSITIONS: Required for all slaves

Some positions may be inappropriate for your style of domination, or you might wish to use a variation or more positions than are listed here. We all do it differently. Certainly, I don't use all of these, but they did look interesting.  (Click on thumbnails for a larger picture)





AUCTION-- Similar to Inspect, this position is used for auctioning off slaves. The slave is naked, legs spread a shoulder width apart, arms out straight at an angle, hands away from the body, palms up. Eyes lowered.  Chin up.  This position allows unobstructed view of a slave's attributes.
  • Voice Command--None
  • Hand Signal--None


INSPECT-- This position the basic for inspecting the slave.  The slave, usually naked,  stands at attention, legs spread a shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind the head, right over left, back slightly arched. The arch accentuates the breast and genitals.   I have them do this flat footed, but if you wish to make it more difficult, have them stand on tiptoe. In this position the slave is fully accessible. He/she can be viewed in an unobstructed manner, or any part may be inspected at close range or touched. This is also a good position for inspection of a slave by others. 
  • Voice Command--Inspect
  • Hand Signal--Clap


EXAMINE--Slave lies on back, hands at sides, palms facing upward. Legs are spread wide open. This could be for a medical examination or for genitorture.  Useful position.    Required when commanded.
  • Voice Command--Examine
  • Hand Signal--Hand parallel to floor moved sharply from left to right


Flip Side

FLIP SIDE--facedown, head turned to right, hands at sides, palms facing upward. Legs are spread wide open.  The converse to Examine.  Useful for humiliation or anal play/torture. Required when commanded.
  • Voice Command-Over
  • Hand Signal--fist moved from left to right



PRESENT -- slave bends over, spread cheeks of ass with hands exposing the anus to the Owner.  Useful for humiliation or anal use.
  • Voice Command--Present
  • Hand Signal--Turning motion with fist





COLLARING-- slave kneels up at the Owner's feet and knees a shoulder width apart, back straight, with arms behind back, one wrist grasping the other, and head and eyes lowered. Required when commanded or at the beginning of a session for visiting slaves.  An alternative is to have him/her hold back their hair with the right hand for ease of collaring.
  • Voice Command--Collar
  • Hand Signal--Right hand to throat




STANDARD--Basic position of a slave. The slave is kneeling, legs spread, feet together, back straight, sitting back on heels, hands on knees - palms up. The slave keeps his/her chin up but eyes are always downcast. This is a punishment position and one that can be uncomfortable for the slave after a short while. This is a nice position for lecturing the slave on his/her misdoings. (variation--slave keeps legs together sitting back on heels.  I prefer this when company is present.  I have a friend who reduced a girl almost to tears by insisting that her toes and knees be perfectly aligned in each position and then made her change positions rapidly.)
  • Voice Command--Standard
  • Hand Signal--Finger Snap


INSTRUCT-- In this position the slave sits before his/her owner, legs spread, hands clasped behind his/her back. The slave's legs are bent, slave sitting back on heels. Back straight. This is an excellent position for the owner to sit in a chair before him/her for verbal instruction/indoctrination or correction.
  • Voice Command--Instruct
  • Hand Signal--Right hand taps right ear twice




WAIT -- Standing, hands behind back, left wrist grasped by right wrist; or kneeling, up, knees wide, left wrist grasped by right hand. Kneeling slaves can easily move into a standard or kowtow when required. Eyes should be lowered with chin up, unless slave is waiting for visual signals in which case he/she will keep eyes on Mistress/Master, but respectfully at attention.  WAIT position is required whenever a slave is inactive but waiting on orders.
  • Voice Command--Wait
  • Hand Signal--Elbow slightly bent; hand bent back sharply at wrist

Slave Sit

Slave Sit--Slave sits with one leg bent in front and one leg bent behind. This is an esthetic position, and easier for women than men.  It demonstrates a slave's grace and flexibility
  • Voice Command--Slave Sit
  • Hand Signal--None





KOWTOW -- on knees, feet flat and straight behind, arms outstretched forward on the floor, legs together with knees aligned,  hands in front palm down and gracefully crossed. Forehead rests on forearms. Buttocks should be on heels, but this is not always possible as some slaves are just not flexible enough. Formal requests are to be made from this position. Required when commanded. 
  • Voice Command--Down
  • Hand Signal--Two fingers pointed to floor



REVERENCE--drop to the floor, laying upon stomach, face down before the Owner.   The slave turns head and places cheek against the Owner's feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission. Required when commanded.   I always think this is a great opening to asking for something.
  • Voice Command--Reverence
  • Hand Signal--One finger pointed at floor




CUFFS front or back--hands out in front OR behind back, shoulders pushed back, hands touching but not clasped, ready for cuffs to be placed on wrists. This position is used to put on cuffs for chaining the slave. Required when commanded.
  • Voice Command--Cuffs front (or back)
  • Hand Signal--Index finger and thumb of right hand encircling left wrist (front) //Index finger and thumb of left hand encircling right wrist (back)



PRONE--on stomach, face down and turned to the left with wrists crossed behind back. slave's ankles are crossed as well, ready for binding. This position is used for a variety of reasons, sometimes as punishment.  Nice position, but realize if you bind someone's ankles in this position, they are not going to be able to stand.
  • Voice Command--Prone
  • Hand Signal--None




LEASH-- slave, kneeling up, bends neck to the Owner's hand to be leashed; chin is lifted and head turned to the left, offering collar for leashing. The wrists are behind back, ready to be snapped into slave bracelets. Required when commanded. Variation: from a standing position. slave stands, hands crossed at the small of the back, feet shoulderwidth apart,. back and shoulders slightly arched, head held high and tilted to the left with eyes downcast in respect and submission. Required when commanded.
  • Voice Command--Leash
  • Hand Signal--Fist against side of throat


HEEL--stands and moves behind Owner, bending at the waist. slave places hands behind back and puts the side of the head to the Owner's hip, that She might lead slave easily by the hair or collar while walking. Required when commanded.
  • Voice Command--Heel
  • Hand Signal--Slap thigh on side you wish slave to heel to



PET SIT-- Collared slave kneels at side of Owner as he/she holds slave's leash. One knee is on the floor, leg spread out behind, foot resting with sole up, toes out. Other leg is at chest, head lowered, hands at side for stability. This position works well for Mistress to stop and chat with others while slave demonstrates he/she knows his/her place.
  • Voice Command--Sit
  • Hand Signal--Hand extended down, palm parallel to floor




OTK: The slave carefully drapes him/herself over the Owner's legs, hands before him/her to steady him/herself as the Owner uses hand, hair brush, crop, paddle, and other torture devices.
  • Voice Command--Over the knee
  • Hand Signal--None



CORPORAL-- first assume the WAIT position, though with arms crossed in front. Slave then leans forward and grabs his/her ankles bringing head as close to knees as possible and offering back and buttocks to the whip. Required when commanded. (Note, I don't care for this as a flogging position, too awkward, but it's a humiliating position for caning and spanking.  Just be careful not to overbalance the slave.)
  • Voice Command--Assume the position. 
  • Hand Signal--None



NOSE--In this position - used primarily for punishment or keeping a slave in position - a slave stands on his/her toes, (or flat footed if the Dominant feels merciful) facing a wall, nose delicately holding a ping pong ball (or a penny) in place against a wall. An even worse punishment is in store if the object falls to the floor. The slave's wrists are bound behind his/her back to prevent retrieval of a dropped object,  and for male slaves, his penis must not be allowed to touch the wall. Definitely an obnoxious situation for the slave.  (I recommend leaving the room for this punishment as that makes it even more boring for the slave.)
  • Voice Command--Nose
  • Hand Signal--Index finger of right hand touching nose


Belly Down

BELLY DOWN-- slave lies on stomach, arms outstretched over head on the floor; required during discipline or training.  Good position for trampling or using slave as footrest for long periods.
  • Voice Command--Belly
  • Hand Signal--None



-- fall to hands and knees, head down on the floor, buttocks thrust upward and thighs widely spread, exposing buttocks fully in preparation for viewing, sexual use, or corporal. "Serving in the manner of the quadruped" is an instruction whereby the slave performs regular duties upon hands and knees, without the use of hands. In this mode the slave may not rise to stand on feet and may use only mouth and teeth to grasp and manipulate objects. This is most often a punishment position.

  • Voice Command--Quad
  • Hand Signal--None


--This position simply demands that the slave fall into whatever position is best so that the slave's tongue is able to best serve the Owner. This is for any oral/genital contact and the slave's comfort is not an issue at this point. The only issue relevant to the slave is how well he/she is doing in pleasing his/her owner.

  • Voice Command--Tongue
  • Hand Signal--None


-- Either pointing to the floor or the bed this position puts the slave on his back ready for the sexual needs or desires of his Owner. The slave should be erect, fully aroused and know it is his responsibility to service his owner whether he/she decides to mount him at mouth or cock.

  • Voice Command--Cock
  • Hand Signal--None


--male on his knees, head down, legs spread, hands behind pulling open his ass for Owner/Mistress' inspection and insertion. The slave is always erect in this position and is ready for strap-on/dildo training/humiliation. Female slaves are on back, knees up, labia held spread with fingers.

  • Voice Command-Slut
  • Hand Signal--None



-- slave bends somewhat forward, palms on knees, and walks on the toes; required when commanded.

  • Voice Command--Slave Walk
  • Hand Signal--None


--slave crawls on hands and knees like a dog; required when commanded or during puppy play..

  • Voice Command--Dog walk
  • Hand Signal--None


--slave walks on toes only; required when commanded or in the case of transvestite training during feminization.

  • Voice Command--On toes
  • Hand Signal--None