What I Need to Present for You

Domina at IMsLUnfortunately, I can't afford to present at anywhere near the events I'd like to attend. I just don't have the money.

I vend at a lot of events on the west coast. For those events, if I'm presenting, too, I'm usually willing to trade a vendor package or some similar accomodation. Since I'm going to be there anyway, I can present for a relatively nominal fee.

I only vend at events that I can drive to, however. And that precludes vending at events much outside the west coast.

For other events, I really will need a bit more. Everyone has to eat, so I don't expect you to cover my food, but I will need an event package for myself, airfare, and hotel covered. I don't expect to get paid money for presenting at events, but I just can't afford to pay my own way. And I am perfectly willing to stay in someone's guest room, so hotel is even negotiable.

If you're one of the local groups wanting me to present for a class, then usually, the attendees pay $20 at the door, and the event venue splits the door with the presenter. If you're a new group, and you don't have a budget for this sort of thing, I will still do a presentation for you for gas money and dinner. If it's a long enough distance, a place to sleep would be welcome, too.

Terms and Conditions

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My Schedule

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