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Domina at IMsLTea Server Training One of the most popular, long running classes in the SF Bay Area. This is a class put on by the Northern California, Ladies' Tea and Discussion Society. This class shows you how to make garnishes, make tea sandwiches, properly brew tea, set up and decorate serving trays, serve food and tea, and give a ritual foot bath and massage. This class is very popular. In the bay area, it's given twice a year, and always has a waiting list.

Spoiling the Dominant What can you do to make your dominant feel loved when he/she comes home after a long day at work? Isn't there more than a foot rub and serving a drink? What other ways are there to pamper your dominant? Aren't all these things too difficult to learn without professional training? Domina can show you a lot of things that will give your dominant a really pampered feeling, and that don't require hours of formal schooling. We'll teach you how to do facials (and even how to make your own facial products), massage, salt and sugar scrubs, hot wax treatments, manicures, pedicures, how to bathe the dominant, how to greet them when they return home, and nice things to do with hot towels and snacks. This is an 8 hour class, so please bring a lunch.

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