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Domina's ResumeDomina has taught for several organizations. It's only been recently that we have started keeping track of where she's been doing her classes. So forgive us if we don't always have dates or know for sure which classes she's done in what location.

Club FEM, Columbus, Feb 6, 2011:Tea Server Training
Winter Wickedness, 2011: Sensual Caning and "Hot Stuff"

Leia Feyheart's Dungeon, January 29, 2011:Fire Play Workshop
Folsom Fringe, 2010: Sensual Caning

Folsom Fringe, 2009: Dungeon Tour

Folsom Fringe, 2008:Nuts, Bolts, and Lube of BDSM

Folsom Fringe, ?: Clips, Clamps, and Other Tight Things

Folsom Fringe, ?: Butterfly Boards

Folsom Fringe, ?: Caning

The Citadel,1/10. 2011: Sensual Caning

The Citadel,2/19, 2008: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques of a Prodomme

The Citadel,9/18. 2006: So You Want to be a Prodomme?

Santa Clara County Leatherfest, 2007: Abrasion Play
FantasyMakers Academy, 6/10, 2010: Being Mean to the Penis
SM Odyssey,August 17, 2006: Playing in the Rain, Golden Showers
SM Odyssey, 6/18, 2005: Kinky Toy Making
TGIF, August 29, 2009:Percussion Play
ScrewUp, May 11, 2007:Flogging
The Exiles, 2006?: Golden Showers
The Exiles, ?:Fire Play

We've done a lot more classes for these same organizations. We just never kept track. Besides developing classes for SM Odyssey on request, Domina has been teaching for them as long as they've been an organization. As for Society of Janus, Domina has taught a lot of classes for them from Percussion Play to Piercing. We just never tracked the dates. Domina used to run FantasyMakers Academy as well as teaching for it. Domina has also taught classes for QSM, Kinkfest, Society of Janus, Edges Dungeon in San Jose, CA; Dragon's Keep in Davis, CA; groups in Modesto, CA; Sacramento, CA; Vallejo, CA; Reno, NV; Malibu, CA; and done many classes for several other groups and organizations. We just never kept track. The ones listed are the ones we could easily find on the internet.

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