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Abrasion Play (Rubbing the Bottom the right way)  Just what is abrasion play?  Does it always have to take the skin off?  How nasty can it be?  Is this really painful?  What, exactly does it cover.  Can it be used for punishment?   And oh, my!  What can you do to make it much worse? 

 Being Mean to the Penis  Just looking at a penis, you can tell that it needs a little cruelty.  It’s just so helpless looking, who can resist torturing it.  We know about clips and clamps, but how about a whirlybird?  Butterfly boards are really scary, but just how awful are they?  And what is a catheter and how do you play with it?   Everyone knows about clips and clamps, but what about riding crops.  Won’t those make him throw up?  And ball busting…isn’t that dangerous?  We’ll show you these and a few other things that will make your bottom cringe.

 Being Mean to the Pussy  Everyone knows what CBT is but pussy torture seems to be more of a mystery.  Is it really that hard?  Once you spank a pussy, what is really left?  Domina can show you.  There are some really creative ways to use needles here, but that doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Riding crops, canes, clamps, and floggers can all play a major part in pussy torture.  And what about rubber bands?  Come to this class, and we’ll show you lots of ways to be very mean to the pussy, without damaging it’s sexual usefulness.

 Burn, Baby, Burn!! (fireplay demo or workshop, depending on the rules of the space.)   We'll cover the basics, and then move on to fun things to do with torches, ways to make the fire seem hotter, things you can do with ice, and what kinds of fuels are the best.  Fireplay on genitalia is also covered.  We'll also tell some true stories of mistakes made by skilled players.  Safety is stressed since this is easy to learn, but potentially deadly.  

 Caning Workshop (beginner to intermediate)  This will cover choosing a cane to using a cane.  We’ll discuss what canes are made of, length, and how they feel.  We’ll talk about the right cane for the right job.  We’ll cover strike zones and “no strike zones.”  Then, we’ll pair off and try out a few things.  We’ll show you how to hold a cane so that you don’t get tired.  How to strike with a cane.  We’ll explain why targeting is important.  We’ll  explain how to work into progressively harder strokes.  If you don’t bring a partner, you’ll be paired off with someone in the class.  Please bring a cane with you. 

 Caning Demo:  From Sensual to Extreme  We’ll cover the dangers of caning, places to strike and places not to strike.  We’ll also explain how to get a bottom to be less afraid of a cane.  We’ll demonstrate sensual caning.  We’ll show you how to warm up a bottom with a cane.  We’ll also show you how to do American caning and English caning.  We’ll explain why Singapore caning is not a style that is used in scene.  We’ll also show you how to safely do bastinado. 

Sensual Caning: 
This class takes you from setting the scene, to doing the scene.  We’ll show you things that make your bottom relax instead of dreading the blow.  Learn how to do warm ups with a cane.  Find out the tricks that make your “cane hating” bottom learn to love the cane.  We’ll also show you how to add sexuality to a caning.  Almost anyone can learn to enjoy the cane.  

 Clips, Clamps, and Other Tight Things: This class is all about the uses of clips, clamps, presses, humblers, pinching, and anything else that causes compression.  We'll discuss all the ways to use these things, where to acquire them, places that give you the most pain for the least effort, and zippers.  We'll show you a few tricks to make your bottom cringe. 

Daily Dominance: (Things to do to reinforce a 24/7 relationship) What sort of things reinforce a submissive relationship?  Do rituals really work?  Why?  We’ll explain things that help keep your submissive in a submissive headspace even if you’re not home.  And we’ll also talk about things that reinforce submissiveness.  We’ll show you how to help your submissive to feel calm, submissive, and “in service mode” when he/she walks in the door at night.

 Beginning Flogging Workshop  So you have a flogger.  How do you know it’s the right flogger?  What are the best floggers to start with?  And how is it really supposed to work?  It’s not really DANGEROUS is it?   Can’t you just wave it around at them and let it hit them?  What is wrapping and why is it bad?  Are there different strokes?   

Domina can help you over these hurdles.  We’ll show you how to shop for the right flogger for you.  We’ll also discuss what materials floggers are usually made of and which are the best to start with.  We’ll explain the most common flogger “throws” and what each accomplishes.  This is a hands on class, so bring a flogger with you.  You’ll be paired up for the class so everyone gets a bit of practice.   

Domina will have a few extra floggers with her, but if you have one, bring it.

Frugal Toys and How to Find them and Use them   Domina is going to show you how to use common household articles and how to shop hardware, thrift, office supply, toy and houseware stores.  There isn’t any real mystery, it’s just being open to new ideas.  And Domina has some pretty wild ideas.  There are reasons that smart bottoms don’t let her talk to their tops without supervision.  Think about what use could be made of a juicer, for instance with just a tiny alteration.  What about garden stakes?  And  the dollar store is a treasure trove.  Come to this class, and you’ll find new toys in places you never dreamed of.

Hotter Than Hell--Fire, Ice, and Wax (demo with lecture.  Includes fire cupping.)  Want to know how to combine fire play with ice?  How about combining fireplay with wax?  What can you do to make fireplay more interesting?  What is fire cupping, and how do you do it?  Domina can show you all of these things.  We'll also discuss how to work things like fire cupping into medical scenes.  And there are definitely ways to make a typical fireplay scene feel like your skin is coming off.  Domina has a fiendish mind.  Come to this class and find out some truly evil things. 

I Want Some Hot Stuff, Baby… We’ve all seen someone rub Icy Hot or some other muscle rub on the bottom, but how safe is this?  What kind of things can you do to heat up your play?  Do you know what figging is?  Have you considered nettles?   Are there any interesting things to do with spices?  How about hot oils?  What if we need to stop it right away?   We will demonstrate a few things that make your bottom think their skin is coming off.  We’ll also show you ways to douse that pain.   And we’ll give you some tips on what not to use.   And to top it off, we’ll show you a couple of tricks with fire. 

Laughs, Giggles, and Screams: Annoying Your Bottom—Who among us hasn’t occasionally gotten just a little bit manic and wanted to enrage the bottom instead of giving him/her a smooth ride into subspace.  Well, now we’ll show you ways to do things, that will give you the giggles and maybe make the bottom foam at the mouth.   Domina is a past mistress at this.  And she will show you how to use everything from tickling, to vibrators, to children’s toys, to role play to accomplish the maximum frustration for your bottom.  (When using the information imparted in this class, it is important to keep your bottom firmly tied in order to prevent them from slapping you into next week.) 

Negotiation for Beginners (Who, what, when, why, and how) What are the potential landmines and how to “minesweep.”  Why you have to negotiate as equals.  How to write a limits list?  What to do about people who say they have no limits.  When you need to be careful, and when you need to be VERY careful.  Negotiation is one of the most needed skills you can develop.  This is a very basic class.

No Limits Scenes: Pros and Cons  Who should do this?  What are the possible outcomes.  How can I know if I’m safe?   What if I change my mind?   Are there rules?  What if the top does something I can’t stand?   (This is Domina’s take on No Limits Scenes.  Someone else may have other ideas, and that’s okay, too.)

Now What Do I Do????  How do you go from your bag full of toys to a happily tuckered out submissive?  How do you get started?  What makes the difference between a good scene and a great scene?  How do you know when to move faster or to slow up?  Are there clues to tell you if the bottom is really enjoying it?  How do you stop without just suddenly stopping?  Are there tricks to the timing and to how it goes?  We’ll show you how to work your way into a scene.  We will demonstrate some tricks to relax the bottom and make them more receptive.  And we’ll show you how to pace the scene so that it comes to a reasonable conclusion.

Nuts, Bolts and Lube of BDSM  (why we have ground rules and what they are.  Also, why dungeons may have rules that are more restrictive than you like.)  Why is there a rele about talking in the dungeon?  How come I can’t go fondle that naked girl walking around?  What’s the big deal about touching someone’s toys?  I want to ask the top a question, why do I have to wait until AFTER the aftercare?  What do you mean “dungeon manners?”  Domina knows so many of these rules from breaking them herself. So here’s a chance for her experience to keep you from being publicly humiliated over your lack of manners.  We’ll talk about dungeon rules and why.  She’ll explain why touching someone’s toys might ruin a scene, or why you’ll get asked to leave if you grab someone’s ass.   Ground rules have been developed over a long period and there are reasons for every one of them.

 On Your Knees, Bitch--Slave Training  (How to do it, what kinds of training you might consider.)  Well, now that you have a slave, and what do you want to do with him/her?  What do you train them to do?  How do you train them to do it?  If you have to punish them, what is the best way?  For that matter, how do you know when he/she needs to be punished?  What is a slave journal?  What is a Butler’s Book?  Is there more than one way to do this?  Can I send a slave to someone else for training?  Is this going to be more work than it is worth?  Domina can demystify this morass of opinions and help you to figure out what it is that will work best for you and your slave. 

Percussion Play Banging on the bottom in good ways with lots of things you might not have considered.  We’re going to cover riding crops and paddles, as well as how to spank without hurting your hand.  That alone should be worth the price of admission.  We’ll also cover ways to use your hands as toys.  There are many things that aren’t covered in classes because they are considered so basic or because they don’t take that long to cover, and this class is going to cover some of them and hopefully some ways of using them that you didn’t think of.   

Beginning Piercing  In this class, we’ll show you how to do piercing and everyone will get the chance to pierce and be pierced once.  We’ll also cover how to make patterns, safety with needles, and the current legal rules on needle disposal.  We’ll discuss needle size and how to choose which sizes to use.  We’ll also show you some basic patterns and needle bondage. 

 Advanced Piercing  Here is where you will learn some really excruciating things to do to people.  We’ll show you butterfly boards, combining needles with rubber bands, and female needle genital torture.  We’ll show you many of the advanced techniques like a crown of thorns and piercing the head of the penis.  We’ll discuss some of the more elaborate types of piercing like flesh pulls, and the pros and cons.  You’ll leave this class with some new ideas no matter who your partner is.

 Decorative Piercing-Using piercing techniques to decorate your bottom.  This class can show you new ways to use charms, beads, feathers, flowers, greenery, ribbon and string to make your bottom into a work of art.  We’ll also discuss the best way to hide the points of the needles so that your work of art can be displayed.  And we’ll show you how to put needles under tension in stationary works of art.

 Planning a Sensual Evening—From service to food to atmosphere, what to do to make your dominant (or submissive) feel sexy, loved, and cherished.  Everything from a warm bath, to dinner in bed (or in front of a fire), to the big “O.”  There are a lot of ways to set the scene and make each minute count.   Everything counts from the way things smell to the music you choose.  Even how you and your partner are dressed.  Taking your time is the key, here.  And we’ll show you how to do that.  If you’re good, we might even hand out some recipes. 

 Potpourri (A mix of ideas that aren’t big enough for classes of their own.)  Cupping, moxibustion, riding crops, and pinching.  Lots of little things that can be so interesting, intense, and yet never show up in classes. 

Public Humiliation:Without letting the public in on it.  It’s not nice to play where you’re going to freak out the vanillas—unless you can play without freaking out the vanillas.  Here are some scenes and ideas you can use that will get you just an odd look at the most but will be humiliating to your bottom.  There are lots of things you might want to do that may have a meaning to you and your partner, but at most puzzle someone not in the scene. 

You’ve Been Bad!!--Punishment Scenes (When, why and how)  Do you punish for fun or do you do serious punishment scenes?  How and why do they work?  How do you make them accomplish what you want to accomplish?  And how do you keep them from breaking the submissive’s spirit.  Can you punish a masochist with pain?  We’ll also examine designing punisment to fit the error.  Or if you should punish at all.

 Resistance Play, (Basics, Negotiation and Safety)  Just what is resistance play?  How can you negotiate this?   What do you need to know to keep yourself safe?  Can you get hurt?  What if law enforcement knocks on your door?  What kind of mental, emotional, and physical things can go wrong?  What’s in it for you?  What if you have to go to the hospital?  We’ll discuss all of this including what happens if the bottom breaks the top.  (Which can happen.) 

Scenes Without Toys  When you’re out of town, without your toy bag and all the stores are closed…what are you going to do?  Well, all is not lost.  There are some interesting items in your toy bag.  Plus, there are a number of scenes you can do without toys.  Domina is a past master at making toys out of almost nothing.  And many quite competent tops can do scenes that leave a bottom exhausted but never touch them.  Domina is going to explain all about this.  

Serving a Formal Dinner--There are very special protocols for serving a formal dinner.  Many of us want our slaves able to serve at a formal dinner, but often we don’t have any real ideas of what is involved.  This class will cover the service at a formal dinner party,  from a plated dinner, to charger service, to dessert service.  It includes place setting and linens.

Singing in the Rain, Golden Showers --Everything from safety issues, to games you can play with urine, all in one big, damp, package.  How safe is piss play?  What if the top is taking medication?  Is drinking urine dangerous?  What if someone has HIV?  Can urine cause infections?  Domina is going to demystify all of this.  We’ll discuss all the health pros and cons.  We’ll cover the myths attached to this activity.   We’ll discuss marking your territory.  We can show you ways to creatively play with urine.  We’ll explain the best ways to begin with piss play.  And we’ll talk about why it is both humiliating and exciting to people.  

SM vs Abuse—Why What We Do is Different--Some people will try to convince you that what they do is consensual, when to you it looks like abuse.  How do you tell?  How can you decide if your relationship is more abuse than BDSM?  What are the signs of an abusive relationship?  What makes BDSM different enough that you can tell it’s really consensual?  Is there a difference?  Do we have abuse in our community?  We’ll cover all of these topics and more besides.  We’ll discuss why abusers can’t hide behind BDSM.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques of a Prodomme (psychological tricks to improve your dominance)  Prodommes have to be able to make people feel submissive very quickly and with little knowledge of that particular person.  How do they do it?  Can you learn it?  Is it really tricks?  And why do they work?  We’ll clue you in to the psychological effects that make getting your bottom to feel submissive a snap.  (This is my favorite class to give.)

Use of Ritual in Scenes (Magick, head space, and comfort levels)   Ritual is a very powerful thing. Ritual is often unconsciously used in scene to set off the scene from everyday life.  It can also be used for many other reasons in a scene from spellcasting to helping the bottom deal with a certain activity.  We’ll cover sex magick  and spellcasting ritual involving BDSM.  We’ll also explain how ritual can put a bottom at his/her ease or help them go beyond a limit that they may have.  We’ll also discuss how ritual can be used in day to day life to renew a submissive’s commitment to his/her master/mistress. 


*In Development:  (If you are interested in one of the following, they are all in beginning outline, and I can finish them anytime.  I’m just too lazy to finish it if I don’t have a deadline.  Believe me, I’d love to do any of them.)


Learning to Accept Service (for Dominants)—Sometimes this is difficult.  We all think that once we have a slave, this is going to be the easy part; but is it?  Most of us grew up learning to take care of ourselves.  Now, we’ve got someone else waiting on us, doing our housework, cooking, doing our laundry, etc.  Does it make you uneasy?  Embarrassed?  Uncomfortable?  How do you deal with it?

If You Could Read My Mind, Love—How to learn and be good at anticipatory service.  What is a Butler’s Book?  What is anticipatory service?  How do I remember all this stuff?  He/she keeps changing their mind!  When your dominant doesn’t want you to…  Things most dominants appreciate.  How to know when you’ve gone too far.    What do you do when they bring you your meds?  Hand you bottles of water at dinner?  Bring you coffee in the morning?  Suggest things that are good for you but that they know you don’t like.  Can this be done without friction?  What’s a dom to do?  (This came about because I have health issues, and my girl does a LOT of this.  Usually, I manage to think of it as being cared for, but when does it change from service to nagging?   I think it’s something that is a good idea to talk about.  I know I have a few answers.  This is one I’d love to give.) 

What to Do After You Say “Oops!”—We’ve all been there.  And it’s scary for the poor submissive, who’s just heard someone say the forbidden word.  What, oh what can you say to retrieve the situation.  Or what if the situation is suddenly serious?

Sensuality—It’s Not Just for Light Play AnymoreHow to add sensuality to heavy scenes and give them a new magic.

Mummy May I—Sensory deprivation and mummification.

FORMALITY—Developing protocols for your relationship.  This gets into real life vs. online and what you read, and also how to come up with formal protocols that you need and will use. 

Odd Bondage—Fishhooks, rubber bands, saran wrap, duct tape, vet wrap, needles and ribbons.  Things you can do that combine techniques across various “disciplines.”  And ways to use these to your advantage.

I Do!!  Putting Together a Ceremony—Collaring, Bonding, BDSM Wedding, all of these things are personal and important.  It’s natural for humans to mark important events with a ceremony.  This tells you how to plan a ceremony and celebration, write your vows, intentions, contracts, invite guests and helpers, and make the occasion a memorable one.