About Ms Domina

Domina at IMsL Domina is the owner and operator of The Frugal Domme. She's been in the scene for somewhere around 20 years, and was kinky before that: She just didn't know what to call it. She's married to her slave, Lee, and Ma'am to her girl, Meryl. They all live together in a big house in Santa Rosa, California, with a rescued Taiwanese street dog and three cats. The cats, of course, are dominant. The dog takes refuge in not understanding English.

Domina is a practicing witch and is an ordained pagan clergy person.

Besides being a toymaker, Domina has worked as a professional dominant. This has given her a lot of insight into many fetishes and styles of play.

She's been teaching for about fifteen years, and is known to have a very weird sense of humor. She's a notorious sadist, but often her scenes have a maniacally funny component. She can drive a bottom to distraction. She's been active in the community for years and started groups like the Northern California Ladies' Tea and Discussion Society, The Modesto Discussion Group, and served on the original board of the Dungeon Monitors Association. She volunteers for Food for Thought, the Sonoma County Aids Food Bank, and is the originator of the Iron Dom Contest, held yearly in San Francisco as a fundraiser for charity.

Domina is a member of Exiles and is an equal opportunity sadist.

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