Enhancing a Caning
by Eric Carwardine

Mr. Carwardine managed a mailing list on caning that had some of the most skilled caning enthusiasts in the world.  It is, unfortunately, no more.  His website, is HERE.

This is much more effective when done alone, if you can arrange it. Choose a
day when you have no time pressures from work, family, etc. Depending on
your preference in breakfast foods, mix yourself a large bowl of muesli.
Something that will keep your molars occupied for a goodly time, as you
munch slowly through it. Tune a radio to your favourite station - music,
commentary - whatever you enjoy listening to. For some reason, complete
silence seems to interfere with this procedure. Make sure your body is at a
comfortable temperature, and that you are not sitting in a draught. Slowly
eat your meal, while allowing your mind to savour your favourite caning
fantasy. One explanation of what is happening is that your breathing rate
becomes progressively shallower, causing a build-up of carbon dioxide in the
blood-stream. In order to clear the contaminant, some muscles of the body go
into violent spasm, manifesting as stretching and yawning. Whatever the
explanation, people who experience this phenomenon report some extremely
pleasurable sensations. And the fibre in the muesli won't do your bowels any
harm, either. Nothing sabotages a nice caning quite like discovering you're
constipated (the 'Twelve Marble' syndrome). Isn't that the reason that
caning is often combined with an enema? As they say, happiness is a soft

Making a cane that is to be used on your own bottom must rank as one of the
supreme delights of the art of caning. A length of supple rattan, lovingly
prepared, is a thing of immense sensuous beauty. Finding a source of supply,
selecting just the right piece, having it wrapped so you can carry it home
on the bus, as you try not to blush at everybody you meet. Trying to control
your voice as you ask the hardware-store assistant for a fine-toothed saw,
glass-paper, emery-paper, trimming knife or scalpel, varnish, turpentine,
etc. Wondering frantically what you will say if he asks what you're making.
And then, at home alone, spreading your purchases on your work-bench.
Reducing the shaft to a silken smoothness, as the fine dust coats your
hands. Washing your hands in the bathroom basin, and looking up into the
mirror, and whispering to yourself 'Yes, it's going across YOUR bare bottom,
and it will sting!' Make a cane for yourself, if you can. It is one of the
supreme joys of caning.

Try 'bratting' with your partner while at public functions, such as parties.
Arrange with your partner that, when he's had enough of your antics, he
should say to you, so he is overheard by many, something like 'Do we need to
talk?' Which is code for 'you'll be eating standing-up tomorrow'. See what
effect that has on your mind, as you drive home together after the party.

As part of a 'punishment' have your partner take you to a busy - but not
over-crowded - restaurant or eating hall. You are instructed to stand at the
table, while he eats. You are not to talk, or respond to any questions from
curious patrons. You are instructed to focus your mind on the caning you
will get later that night. A few words of caution, before you attempt this
one. Your partner must be ready to intercept any questions directed at you.
His explanation of why you are standing should be plausible and friendly.
'Oh, she's had an operation on a tender part. Can't sit down yet, poor
thing'. How you'll wish he was right - that the operation was in the past -
and not something you had to face (face away-from, actually) when you get
home! DO NOT attempt this if you have any medical condition that would be
aggravated by standing. And certainly do not attempt it if you are
susceptible to fainting. It CAN be a very effective form of conditioning,
but the well-being of your partner must be first and foremost.

If you can, involve a third person in your scenes. Try to find somebody who
is skilled in the techniques of verbal humiliation. Have him (or her) scold
you in front of your partner, for some imagined (or better still, real)
misbehaviour or misdeed. If he's any good at his job, and if you blush
easily, you'll soon learn how incredibly effective this technique can be. A
really skilled interrogator could even involve your husband, in a most (to
him) dismaying way, if he wanted. He could ask you to keep a 'De-merit
Book', in which both you and your husband would record all your 'punishable'
offences. At a meeting to discuss what should be done about your dalliances,
the interrogator could remark to your husband something like 'I don't see
any warnings written in here. You mean to say you let your poor wife commit
all these horrible offences and never once gave her a warning? That's not
very good, is it? I think you better bend over alongside her, don't you?'
Stammering and blushing, he can hardly back-down. 'What? Scared of the cane
on your botty? Look, she can take it. Is she braver than you?' A bit later,
the interrogator watches in bemusement, as he rushes her into the bedroom,
and the second bang is the door closing.

Choose a quiet time, when you won't be disturbed. Rising from, or retiring
to, bed are good times, when you are most likely to be undressed. Stand
naked in front of a mirror, flexing your favourite cane, and say to yourself
the words you'd most like to hear somebody else say. Admire the reflection
of your own bare bottom, and imagine yourself walking into the office next
morning thinking 'If only they knew what I got last night'. Watch out that
your partner doesn't come unexpectedly into the room, though, and give you a
few stingers across your backside 'for being a silly litle girl, talking to
yourself' and send you straight to bed - alone!

In the story I wrote, you'll recall that 'J' was both excited (she'd won a
valuable contract)  and deeply touched (her husband had prepared a delicious
meal for them both). These heightened emotional states may or may not
produce sexual excitement, but they will almost certainly fatigue the body.
Drained of its energy, the mind is open to all manner of suggestions. Sleep
beckons, and a state approaching hypnosis looms. The right words, the right
actions, at just the right time, can have an electrifying effect. Here's
something you might like to try. Your husband sets you to work in the
garden, performing hard manual labour for two hours or more. At the end of
it - tired, dirty and hungry - he gently places a hand on your shoulder and
smiles 'That's enough, darling. Time to go inside' Once indoors, he
disappears for a moment, only to reappear holding a cane in his hand. 'Would
you undress, please?' In your fatigued state, you hardly notice the pain.
But the hot shower on your wealed bottom feels SO good, as it washes away
the dirt and grime. And your bottom is deliciously sore as you sit in your
dressing gown, your body clean and perfumed, eating the meal he has prepared
for you. And he talks gently to you about the psychology of fatigue, and how
most religious conversions occur after 6 pm, when the human mind is at its
most suggestive.

I have talked with computer programmers and journalists that were in a
mental state that would enable them to be caned senseless, just after they'd
completed some mammoth project. I guess it's a combination of fatigue and
suggestion. I once devised (but never used) a poster for a
responsible-drinking campaign. It showed a young woman, arms high above her
head, leaping into the air behind a computer terminal, a look of sheer joy
on her face. She'd had a huge success of some sort. The caption for the
poster read 'Had a good day? Feel like a drink or five? A good caning would
be safer' Somehow, I can't see the Road Safety authorities adopting it. I'm
sure they'd quibble about the office furniture, or her clothes, or

Go on a shopping trip, wearing a long skirt, but with bare legs and no
underwear. Ask your husband to carry a cane enclosed in wrapping paper, and
have him tap you meaningfully on the seat of your skirt now and again, and
remind you what will happen when you get home ('You've overspent your
allowance, dear. You know what that means, don't you?') Make sure he does
the tapping discreetly - out of sight of other patrons and the store
security cameras. Insert your butt-plug before venturing out, if you're
game. But DO wear a harness. A bright-orange object plopping on the floor at
the checkout counter is sure to be noticed.

Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia