Mr. Carwardine's Caning Warm Up
by Eric Carwardine

Mr. Carwardine did manage a mailing list on caning that has some of the most skilled caning enthusiasts in the world. Unfortunately, it is now no more.  His website is, however, HERE.

G'day folks;

Sensuous versus Punishment; English versus American; male versus female.
Whatever classification one adopts, there will always be exceptions. To me,
the amazing thing about canes is the huge variety of ways in which they can
be used; from the lightest of sensuous touch, including stroking and poking,
right up to an instrument of the severest punishment. From the short, thin,
'pleasure cane' kept close-at-hand under the mattress, up to the four-foot,
water-soked rotan of Singaporean jails. And they are both made from rattan!
I find that range of application awesome. I cannot think of any other
implement which even comes close to it.

Rorie wrote (... snipping ...)

<<(1) There is usually a warm up period which
can be light caning, spanking, paddling or anything else that brings
the blood to the surface>>

After attracting some unwanted attention (spanking and paddling can sound
like pistol-shots) I now follow a three-stage preparation. I guess it
achieves the same result (blood flow through the capillary vessels) but it
can be a little more reassuring for the novice. And it also gives my arm the
necessary warm-up exercise. It can be used on both male and female

1. Swabbing the buttocks.

I use methylated spirits (de-natured alcohol) for this purpose and
cotton-wool swabs. Don't touch the swabs on the opening of the stock bottle.
Pour a little of the spirit into a separate container, and swab from that.
Work slowly over both buttock cheeks, and the buttock cleft. Although I have
never heard of any such allergy, it's a good idea to ask your partrner first
if they are aware of any allergy to methylated spirit. If in any doubt,
apply the spirit only to a small test-area of skin. The cooling effect can
be rather pleasant on a hot day. Or you can justify it as a hygiene measure.
Also, some people find the pungent smell of the spirit will evoke erotic
fantasies of doctors, nurses and clinics.

WARNING: Methylated Spirit is highly flammable! Make sure there are no
ignition sources in the area, such as cigarettes or lighted candles. You
will definitely spoil your partner's day if you happen to incinerate them.

2. Warming the buttocks.

If facilities permit, I put a large bath-towel into the bathroom basin, and
saturate it with boiling water from a kettle. I then heap the nicely-warmed
towel onto the buttocks of the receiver (who really needs to be laying prone
for this procedure). It will definitely warm the skin, perhaps sufficient to
induce a slight pink colour to the skin.

WARNING: Carefully remove all excess water from the towel first (a pair of
laundry tongs is helpful here), and test its temperature against your own
skin. Your partner wants to be scolded, not scalded!

3. Massaging the buttocks.

I use any skin-care cream, available from supermarkets. I devote several
minutes to massaging the cream into the buttock cheeks, and the upper and
inner thighs, of the receiver. Once again, it is best if they are laying
face-down on say, a bed, for this stage of preparation. Most receivers will
appreciate a rather vigorous application of the cream in this fashion. And
it is a wonderful warm-up exercise for my caning arm. I follow this massage
procedure regardless of the type of caning which I intend administering.
Apart from preparing the skin and the underlying tissues, it is a good time
to talk to my partner and gain their confidence.

This form of preparation can occupy as much time as you like, pre-caning. It
all helps in calming you both down. And the tenderness of this preparation
can contrast nicely with the sting of the cane. Some recipients have
reported that a warm-up spanking or paddling can have an anesthetic effect
on the buttock skin - they prefer a greater contrast between the preparation
and the actual caning.

And after the caning, any or all of these three steps can be repeated.
Methylated spirit swabbed onto hot, wealed buttocks after a Punishment
Caning can afford wonderful relief. And it will also detect (by the stinging
effect) any broken skin.

Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia

How to Make and Apply a Birch
(posted to the Cane_Strokes list and used by permission of the author.)

I thought I would like to contribute something towards this thread on the topic of 'Birches'.

I myself have both received and given the birch to suitable miscreants.  The effects of a good birching can often be very misunderstood.

Firstly birches can be made out of the swishy young branches or shoots of many trees.  Typical punishment birches have been constructed of Apple : Willow : Hazel : Aspen and of course Birch.

I generally favour young Willow shoots which can be cut around March/April.  These young shoots are to be found growing close to the base of the Willow tree and are generally around 40 inches long.

I normally construct a punishment birch of around six of these shoots, cutting them to equal lengths and carefully trimming any rough or uneven edges or offshoots, and removing the extremely fine tips at the end.  The shoots are marginally thicker at one end and
this thicker end is used to form the handle.  The skin of the shoots can be whittled off leaving fresh raw stems, or it will make little difference to leave it on the shoots.

On a typical 40 inch set of shoots I allow about 8/10 inches for the handle. This can be either tied tightly with strong cord, or whipped with whipping twine.  I have even used PVC electrical tape to bind the handle, though this never looks anywhere near as professional as a bound or whipped handle.

The birch can be soaked overnight in a bath or trough of water, this will ensure it is extremely supple and will ad just a little extra weight.  Brine is equally as good and should the skin be slightly broken from the birch, then of course the brine will be mildly aniseptic and will also increase the sting when it enters a wound.

A punishment birch made in this fashion can be easily controlled during its delivery and will impart an ever increasing warmth to the buttocks as its administration continues.

To apply a sound birching, it MUST be applied to the bare bottom.  the recipient should be secured face downwards, lying lengthways on a bed or birching couch.  The buttocks should not be too taut or tight, and the legs should be secured as wide apart as possible to prevent 'clenching' prior to delivery. this is most important.

As the birch travels on its journey towards a naughty bottom it will generate a chilling whistle as it travels though the air.  Some birches do fragment a little on contact with the bottom, but I have rarely ever drawn blood or even broken the skin when applying one.

Aim is important as the birch will spread on contact with the skin.  I don't find the birch anywhere near as severe as the cane and the damage caused from a sound birching is far less than a good caning.

Wrap around of the thighs can be easily prevented by securing either towels or pillows close to the haunches of the recipient.  For additional punishment the birch should be allowed to cover the backs of the thighs just below the cheeks of the bottom or if the punishment is to be more severe then the entire backs of the legs can be birches.

Obviously if you want to recreate a real judicial type birching, then try and select thicker twigs or stems from whatever tree you choose to cut from.  Some birches were made from twigs that were knobly and had many offshoots attached, this type of birch will break the skin and cause additional discomfort and pain.

Someone did mention 'Witch Hazel' in this thread. This is a cooling astringent, that can be applied to bruises and sore chaffed skin.  It has good healing properties and is very soothing to a hot and sore bottom.  A good application of this can be applied after a birching. 

Its odd that Hazel shoots will generate the pain and punishment and the distillation of Witch Hazel will cool the skin and sooth the severity of the punishment.

I hope some of this will be of interest to the readers.