Ceremonies and Rituals

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The difference between ritual and ceremony is that a ritual is done on a regular basis and a ceremony is a special one time occasion.

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No ritual, ceremony, or idea on this page is required behavior.  People enjoy ritual and ceremony, and these are nothing but suggestions or things others have done.  The ideas presented here are to give YOU ideas on things you may want to do in your life.  Designing a ceremony that means something to you is the whole point of this page.  A very good link on designing a ritual is here.

If you don't find an answer to your questions here, try our message board.  

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BDSM and Religion Links to web pages that contain essays and ideas for combining BDSM and Religions from Paganism to Christianity
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daily.jpg (8456 bytes) Rituals for day to day living Little bits of formality to remind you that you're a slave
email.jpg (7956 bytes) Send a note to Domina Please send me ideas, content or anything else you would like to tell me.
endings.jpg (8610 bytes) Formal transfers of ownership or uncollaring Passing a trainee on to her permanent domme?  Ending a relationship that was temporary?
e&lritual.jpg (9050 bytes) Rituals for entering and leaving rooms, dwellings, etc. More day to day rituals to enhance your life.
food.jpg (8497 bytes) Rituals involving meals Serving, eating, preparation, etc.
general.jpg (8522 bytes) General ideas on how to make your own ceremonies How to get the most benefit from this site.
house.jpg (8761 bytes) Ceremonies involved in establishing a House Establishing a house is a serious matter.  Read my ideas on it here.
manners.jpg (8624 bytes) Manners to be exhibited at parties and other formal events Where DO you stand when following your dom at a party?  How do you serve in public?
negotiation.jpg (8507 bytes) Rules, suggestions and tips on negotiating. You negotiate as equals.  Here's a few rules on how to go about it.
officiants.jpg (8286 bytes) People who can officiate at weddings and other events. Eventually, I'd like to have a list of people in all of the states who are ordained.
other.jpg (8889 bytes) Anything that doesn't have a place elsewhere. If you have a ceremony for something not covered elsewhere...
positions.jpg (8727 bytes) Formal slave positions and hand signals. With pictures making it easier to understand.
punish.jpg (8421 bytes) Rituals having to do with punishment. I think punishment should be formalized.  Here's how I and some others do it. 
sexual.jpg (8576 bytes) Rituals having to do with sex. If sex is special in your life, here are ways to make it into a ritual
special.jpg (8594 bytes) Rituals for special occasions and situations Out in the vanilla world?  Leaving each other for a trip?   Here's a few specialized rituals.
temporary.jpg (8962 bytes) Ceremonies involving temporary attachments Formalizing a temporary, training, or other collar.  Or anything else temporary you want to get into.
Wedding.jpg (8165 bytes) How to give your wedding a BDSM flavor. Poems, readings, and other ideas.

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