Lady Cynthia's Collaring of jt

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The difference between ritual and ceremony is that a ritual is done on a regular basis and a ceremony is a special one time occasion.

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Simple Collaring Ceremony

Mistress stands at the front of the room and jt sits at her feet left side, eyes downcast, holds flowers in both hands.

*Mistress:The lifestyle we have chosen is one of deep feeling and joy.  We use Many symbols to remind us of the depth of those feelings.  Some of those symbols are here tonight.  That jt sits naked at My feet, with cuffs locked on his wrists and ankles symbolizes his willingness to submit to My will and serve Me.  One of the most profound symbols we use is the collar worn by a submissive.  it symbolizes the depth of commitment between a Domme and Her sub.  It is a public symbol of his devotion and submission.  The collar also symbolizes the duties & responsibilities that flow between Dominant & submissive.  A Domme's responsibility to guide, train and protect her submissive and the duty of a submissive to serve the Domme as her wishes & desires lead.  The duty of both is to be honest, open and loving towards each other.   

Stand jt

<<<jt stands in front of and to the left Mistress.  he stands with eyes downcast and holds the flowers forward in both hands as an offering.>>>

*jt:I offer myself to you to guide me and lead me along my journey  though life. It is my desire to belong to you and to follow you where ever you choose to take me.

<<<Mistress takes the flowers and picks up the collar >>>   

*Mistress:I have offered jt a collar to discover if we can build a relationship together.  he has honored Me by accepting My collar.  I accept you, jt, and the offering of yourself.  I give My promise to carefully guide you and lead you safely in My footsteps.  I will do all within My power to protect you as you join Me on My journey.

Will you take this symbol of my ownership to wear as a sign to us and those we meet on our journey?"

*jt: I stand before you as a  sign of my submission to you and acceptance of the symbol of your ownership. I will wear it proudly for all to see.

<<<Mistress gives hand signal for the collaring position jt bends & presents neck, eyes looking to the floor.  Mistress then places the collar around jt's neck and fastens the lock securely. >>>

*Mistress: You now belong to me           

*jt: I now belong to you, Mistress

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