Castration Ceremony

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The difference between ritual and ceremony is that a ritual is done on a regular basis and a ceremony is a special one time occasion.

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This ritual is definitely not for everyone. It should not even be attempted without someone with medical experience in the procedure to conduct the actual castration. The ritual itself deals with the issue of consent, but it is something that should be given careful consideration and study beforehand.

Naturally there are many possible variations on this ritual. The form presented here is appropriate to female dominant This ritual deals exclusively with the removal of the testicles and scrotum.

Removal of the penis is a much more complicated and serious operation, and I have grave doubts as to whether this could be successfully and safely conducted outside of a clinic setting. In any event, it is of no interest to the ritual presented here, inasmuch as keeping of the penis for future control of sexual function through hormone therapy is anticipated.

As mentioned before, the actual procedure should be performed by a qualified person. So no attempt to describe the actual cutting procedures will be attempted. While there are many possible settings for the ritual other than suggested here, common considerations should be ease of maintaining sterility and adequate lighting around the area of operation.

We will use the terms Mistress and slave to denote the principal parties. The Castratrix is the woman who will actually perform the operation, assisted by the Mistress. These two roles can be combined if Mistress has the requisite knowledge. Other ladies who may be involved either as witnesses, or as participants in preliminary activities, will be referred to as mistresses with the lower case “m”. Where possible, it is strongly suggested that there be one or more mistresses at least for the actual ceremony. Like most elements of the BDSM world, this has multiple meanings and purposes. They are there to add to the importance, grandeur and support of the ritual, perhaps even a subtle humiliation factor for the slave, and even potentially legally to provide witnesses that this was, in fact, a consensual act.

The setting I envision is a rather large dungeon room, possibly 20' x 20'. A throne for the Mistress is at one end, preferably raised. An exam-like table with restraints and possibly stirrups in the middle where the actual operation will be performed. A spot light is set to illuminate the table fully, especially the working area, while the rest of the room may best be kept in dimmer light. Opposite the throne should be the entrance to the room, through which the slave will be led.

Costuming for Mistress, Castratrix and mistresses is discretionary. Choices range from nude to fully clothed, although something kinky and sensual is recommended for at least the key players of Mistress and Castratrix. It is one further, last reminder of the pleasures sacrificed and the pleasure taken.

Before the ritual all parties should study the procedures as well as the commentaries so that their roles are well understood and the meaning and significance of each step is understood. In fact, these should be studied before the slave makes his Initial Decision.


This is not a punishment ritual. It is more of an ultimate bonding ceremony. Ultimately the only material thing we truly own, that is truly ours to give is our body. This part of the body, in large part because of the hormones it produces, is more closely linked to the mind and emotions than any place outside of the brain itself. There is no way in which the submissive can show more complete bonding, submission and sacrifice than in the offering of this particular flesh. It is what converts a submissive into a true slave.

The flesh that is offered and taken is the scrotal sack and the testicles it holds. The testicles are taken for obvious reasons, but their sack is removed as well, so that there will be an obvious physical difference to set apart the eunuch slave from ordinary men; not as a freak, but as a position of honor for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their manhood for their Mistress. This particular form of castration allows the Mistress to have the ultimate control over the slave’s desires and sexuality, as she can administer hormone therapy as she deems appropriate when she wishes her slave to be able to perform as a whole man again. And to withhold it when she wishes to quell those sometimes troublesome desires.

While this is not a punishment ritual, there is pain in the procedure. There are many reasons why this should be so: this is a BDSM ritual, the merging of pain and pleasure in an intensity of feeling is essentially what we are about; it is part of the sacrifice that he is making; this is a momentous life changing event, it should be marked with more sensation than clipping a fingernail.

After the slave has agreed to this ritual offering, his Initial Decision, the Preparation Period of seven days begins. During the Preparation Period the slave is allowed as much sexual activity, including intercourse, as he wishes (or can stand). This may be with his Mistress, or with other mistresses or a combination as appropriate. The important elements of the Preparation Period are that he not be punished or confined. It must be a time when there can be no perception of undue influence, coercion or control. The value of the sacrifice to all parties is completely lost if the slave does not make a completely voluntary decision, which is ensured by his having every opportunity to refuse to complete the ritual. At the end of each sexual encounter during the Preparation Period the woman he is with should remind him that he will be giving up this very pleasure, potentially forever; asking him if he is ready for just such a life. This intense period of sexual activity is a test of his decision to complete the ritual, a reward for his preliminary decision, as well as an event to make sharp the contrast in his life before and after the ritual.

Once the Preparation Period has begun any decision to back out, up to and including the final opportunity before the cut, banishes him forever from his Mistress. This provides some consequence or penalty for agreeing just for the joys of the Preparation Period. Presuming that there would have been some strong pre-existing relationship between the slave and the Mistress or else he would never have considered this step in the first place, the chances of someone entering into such a decision solely for the Preparation Period seem slight. Nevertheless, such banishment can have wider reaching implications in the scene community. This is where it is especially helpful to have had the assistance of mistresses during the Preparation Period. He would essentially have been “black balled” in a large segment of the scene, and likely could not continue in the same region. Of course, the Mistress does not have to offer this ritual to anyone she feels might make his offer insincerely.


The Mistress is seated on her throne, the Castratrix to her right.
MISTRESS: Bring forth the slave.

The slave, completely nude and shackled hands and feet, is ushered into the room by a mistress, stopping just inside the door. He has had all body hair around his scrotum removed.

MISTRESS: Is it your desire slave <name> to bond yourself to me eternally, to sacrifice your sexual pleasure and your genitals to me, to have them removed by me?

SLAVE: It is, my Mistress.

The mistress unshackles the slave, who remains standing.

MISTRESS: You are unchained and unbound. You may leave us forever, or stay with us forever as a eunuch slave. Do you make this decision of your own free will?

SLAVE: I do, Mistress.
Slave steps forward, passing the table and its instruments, to kneel in front of Mistress’ throne.

MISTRESS: Enunciate your offering.

SLAVE: The flesh I offer you produces the Seed of Life, the very essence of who I am, and all the potential progeny I might father in the future. It also produces the Seed of Lust, and all the sexual pleasures and desires I have or ever will know. I offer it to you in fact and symbol of your control over me, and particularly of those aspects of my life. Will you accept my offering, Mistress?

MISTRESS: Slave <name> has made a great offering of love, devotion and trust. He has chosen to give up the fathering of a new generation from his loins. He has chosen to give up his desires and pleasures, allowing me to decide if and when he may ever function in any way like a whole and ordinary man again. What say you of his offer?

MISTRESSES and CASTRATRIX: We praise <name>’s offering and his courage to make it.

MISTRESS: Specify the procedure and the flesh you offer, slave <name>.

SLAVE: Mistress, I offer my testicles and sack, to be taken by castration with the gelding knife.

MISTRESS: Such an act gives birth to a new person, a you almost as different from the person you are this moment as a man is different from a woman. Births are painful experiences. The pain one endures must be overcome by the desire for the new life. Women know these things. Men see pain endured in their struggles as badges of honor. Is your desire for the new life strong enough? Will your birth stand in the same honored position as the birth of women?

SLAVE: I will bear the cut without relief from the pain, Mistress. My desire for this life will carry me through. I will give you the gift of my pain. My endurance will earn honor, my Mistress.

MISTRESS: Do you slave <name>, accept [me/this woman (CASTRATRIX) and myself] as your Castrators?

SLAVE: I accept [you/you both] as the one(s) who will take my manhood from me, and make me a sexless eunuch.

MISTRESS: Do you slave <name>, accept these instruments for your emasculation?

SLAVE: I accept these tools as the ones to painfully destroy my manhood, to remove sexual desires and pleasures from my control.

MISTRESS: Do you understand slave <name>, that you might never be allowed another sexual experience for the rest of your life? That you may never again experience sexual pleasure? That there are no guarantees, even should I choose to permit it, that hormone therapy will restore your function adequately?

SLAVE: I slave <name> do swear and affirm that I understand, and agree.

MISTRESS: Is it now your Final Decision to proceed with your castration?

SLAVE: Yes, Mistress, it is.

MISTRESS: I will accept your completed offering. In return I shall give you freedom from the pain of future testicle torments, and from unending frustration.

The Castratrix uses a syringe to draw some blood from the slave’s testicles. This blood will be used by the slave to sign an agreement which essentially restates the entire verbal ceremony and his numerous consents. The mistresses and Castratrix also sign as witnesses. From this point on there is no turning back. The slave is led to the table and restrained. He should be encouraged to scream and cry out in pain, as it will make it easier to endure, please the women and not diminish the honor of his sacrifice.

[If a session of escalating tease and CBT is desired this is the place for it]

[If a last spilling of seed is to be allowed this would be the place for that. Consult with your qualified Castratrix about the methods which could be used and their advisability for maintaining a sterile field. A cut right at the moment of orgasm is always appealing in the stories, but not so practical in most cases.]

If the Castratrix and Mistress are not the same person, then the Castratrix should prepare everything so that the Mistress can be shown where to make a simple cord cut so that she can have actually had a part in the castration operation. After the slave has been sutured up he may be given pain medication as well as a local anesthetic. The Castratrix then presents the organs to the Mistress. If the Mistress is also the Castratrix, then skip to the Mistress’ presentation to the witnesses.

CASTRATRIX: My Lady, I present you the severed testicles of your slave <name>.

MISTRESS: I thank you for your service and assistance. (to the witnesses) Ladies please examine the offering made to me this day, and glory with me in the honor done me by eunuch slave <name>.

The ceremony is concluded, and the slave is taken away to recuperate after all who have wished to examine him closely have satisfied their curiosity.


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Note from Domina:  This is not something I recommend to most people.  Be very aware that there is no changing your mind after this ceremony, and there can be serious legal and physical ramifications to doing this act.

I'm not going to stop anyone from doing anything they want to do.  Some things seem to me to be very wrong, but I feel adults should have the chance to do anything they want.  My main objection to this sacrifice is that if the eunuch and his mistress part ways, he may find that many other potential mistresses will turn him down because of his condition.  While I might be open to having a castrated slave who was castrated by accident or disease, someone who deliberately had themselves castrated to please some woman is not someone I want for a slave.  I regard that as a sign of mental instability to remove working parts.  I'm not alone.

You have been warned.


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