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We are carrying some items from sex toy manufacturers in the US. (They may be made elsewhere, so we'll just mark them "imported.") Anyway, the start for that was some people in the men's community in SF asking if I could make some "boot sole paddles." While searching for replacement boot soles online, Domina found that someone was actually making boot sole paddles. So she bought some for resale. While perusing the wholesale distributor sites, she also found a few other items that she added to our stock. So our stock of "vegan" and alternative material items has increased. Some of these will only be around until we sell out of our current stock, but others, like the Jack Boot Paddle will definitely be in stock for awhile. Look around, you might find something you like. We did. Commercial or not, these are a good addition to your other toys.

The USPS web site for some reason is giving people who are not in the United States incredibly high postal rates for shipping. Our shopping cart interfaces with the USPS website and so the problem seems to be on their end. Please contact Domina directly,, and she can sort things out for you. Even if you're in the US, if you think it's giving you an excessive rate for postage, please let us know.

On November 19, 2013: Domina had a second, more extensive carpal tunnel surgery to hopefully correct the problems left by the first surgery. Please be patient about orders and website photos. At this time, she still does not have full use of her right hand (and of course she's right handed), and there is no indication that the second surgery was successful. She may not ever regain full use. Currently (January, 2015), part of her right hand has no sense of touch, but has a continual buzzing with some truly jolting irregular pain on the inside. And of course, it's stiff, even with physical therapy and exercise. Her hand is functional, but due to the numbness, she drops things and sometimes can't hold tools properly. Not fun, and sometimes she just can't get things to work for her. This unfortunately causes her to have to sometimes get a friend to help her with things she used to be able to do so sometimes shipping can be slow or we might be out of stock for a longer period. So she is behind a bit in making toys like firesticks and updating the website.

Look for us at west coast BDSM events. We'd love to meet you! DomCon is coming up fast!!

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